Use-Case: View a CIM Record

Author: Phil Bentley
Version: 0.1
Date: 24 April 2008
Associated Work Packages: WP4, WP5, WP6

Purpose: Describes the scenario whereby an end-user wishes to view a selected CIM record.

Actors: All actors.

Related Use-Cases:


This use-case describes the scenario whereby an end-user wishes to view a particular CIM record (instance) in a web client application, typically a web browser. The desired CIM record will have been selected or identified using, for example, one of the CIM repository browse/query use-cases. It is envisaged that, in response to the end-user querying a CIM repository, the web browser will display the search results as a hyperlink-enabled list of record summaries (e.g. based upon dataset title, originating centre, creation date). Clicking on a hyperlinked element causes the web browser to display the full CIM record in a default presentation style (to be designed). Alternative presentation styles (e.g. single long list, XML source, tabbed view) may then be selected by the end-user.

Typical Course of Events

  1. The end-user clicks on one of the desired hyperlinked search result summary.
  2. The web browser retrieves the CIM record from the repository and displays it in the default presentation style.
  3. The end-user optionally can use interface controls to view the CIM record in alternative presentation styles.
  4. The end-user closes the view window or navigates back to the search window, as required.

Alternative Course of Events

  1. If the CIM record cannot be retrieved a suitable information message is displayed.


The end-user will have used a web client tool to query a subset of the records in the CIM repository.


Miscellaneous Notes:

User interface mock-ups/designs for search results and record views need to be produced, reviewed and agreed.

Use-Case Diagram: