Use-Case: Keyword Search a CIM Repository

Author: Phil Bentley
Version: 0.1
Date: 25 April 2008
Associated Work Packages: WP4, WP5, WP6

Purpose: Describes the common scenario whereby an end-user performs a Google-style keyword search of a CIM repository.

Actors: All actors.

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This high-level use-case represents the scenario whereby an end-user wishes to perform a simple keyword search on the set of CIM records contained in a CIM repository.

Typical Course of Events

  1. The end-user navigates to the desired on-line CIM repository, possibly via the mechanism outlined in the Find a CIM Repository use-case.
  2. The end-user uses enters one or more search keywords into a single text field in the web application interface.
  3. The CIM web site displays all or, if there are many matches, a subset of the CIM records that match the end-user's query. In the case of a subset of records, the web page includes familiar controls (e.g. << < > >>) for navigating through the full set. The search results will be presented as a list of synopses of the selected CIM records (cf. Miscellaneous Notes section below).

Alternative Course of Events

  1. If the CIM repository is unavailable a warning message should be displayed. If this is because of scheduled downtime then some indication should be given as to the expected time of resumption of service.



Miscellaneous Notes:

The synopsis displayed for each of the matched CIM records is envisaged to look something like the example below (which is similar to the approach used in NASA's  GCMD portal). Obviously we'll need to reach agreement on which metadata descriptors should be used to construct the synopsis.

Title: HadGEM1 climate simulation using 1% per annum increase in CO2
Abstract: The Hadley Centre Global Environmental Model version 1 was developed from the Met Office Unified Model New Dynamics in the period 2000-2004. It improved on the resolution available from previous...
Originating Data Centre: Met Office Hadley Centre
Forecast Period: 2000-01-01 to 2100-01-01
Data Format: netCDF-3.6

Use-Case Diagram: