Use-Case: Find Related CIM Records

Author: Phil Bentley
Version: 0.1
Date: 25 April 2008
Associated Work Packages: WP4, WP5, WP6

Purpose: Describes the scenario in which an end-user wishes to select a CIM record and then find other CIM records that are related to it.

Actors: All actors

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The ability to identify CIM records that are related in some way to a particular CIM record (or, strictly speaking, the dataset that the record describes) is seen as an important capability of the METAFOR solution. This will enable end-users to understand how a selected dataset fits into a 'family' of related datasets, e.g. as part of a model run, experiment or ensemble. Types of relationship might include, for example, parent-of, child-of, sibling-of, part-of, input-to, source-for, and so on. It is also important that the nature of the relationship between CIM records is elucidated, not just the fact that they exist. Ideally the end-user should be able to view the relationships between the selected CIM records by choosing from a number of different graphical representations (e.g. graph, tree, list).

Typical Course of Events

  1. The end-user selects a CIM record of interest. This might be achieved using a generic use-case such as Browse a CIM Repository or Query a CIM Repository, or a specialised version of one of these [PB: which have yet to be written].
  2. The end-user clicks on a 'Find Related CIM Records' control in the web application interface.
  3. The web application searches the CIM repository for CIM records related to the currently selected/identfied record.
  4. Handling of search results:
    1. If matches are found, the web application displays the related CIM records in a graphical manner that highlights the nature of the relationships between the underlying datasets.
    2. If no matches are found, the web application displays an appropriate information message and the use-case ends (or restarts from event 1).
  5. If supported, the end-user can then select from a range of different graphical representations of the selected CIM records.

Alternative Course of Events

None identified.



Miscellaneous Notes:

Research is required into which technical solutions are available for displaying concept relationships in a graphical manner within the web browser environment. SVG is the obvious candidate, but there are others presumably.

How are relationships going to be encoded within CIM records? The NumSim schema includes relationship-type elements. What about other schemas? NMM?

Use-Case Diagram: