Use-Case: Find Models To Couple

Author: Phil Bentley
Version: 0.1
Date: 14 May 2008
Associated Work Packages: WP4, WP5, WP6

Purpose: Describes the scenario whereby an end-user wants to discover which climate models, optionally of a specified type X (e.g. ocean), are suitable for coupling with a particular climate model of type Y (e.g. atmosphere).

Actors: ModelDeveloper, ClimateScientist

Related Use-Cases:


This use-case describes the situation in which an end-user wishes to query a CIM repository in order to discover the availability of climate models suitable for coupling to a climate model of a specified type (atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice, etc). The end-user may wish to search for couple-capable models of any type, or they may wish to search for a specific type of model.

For example, if the end-user has access to a PRISM-compliant atmosphere model they mish wish to discover which models, of any type, can be coupled with that model. Or they may wish to search only for ocean models that can be coupled to that particular atmosphere model.

The end-user may optionally wish to specify compliance to a particular coupling interface, such as FLUME, PRISM or OASIS [PB note: does this make sense?]

[PB note: need to say something about what can be done once the end-user has identified a target model of interest]

The use-cases listed in the Related Use-Cases section potentially might be used beforehand to see which models had been used by other experiments similar to that being developed by the end-user.

Typical Course of Events

  1. The end-user navigates to the desired on-line CIM repository, possibly via the mechanism outlined in the Find a CIM Repository use-case.
  2. The end-user employs faceted and/or custom search options to select the particular climate model (e.g. Hadley Centre UM Atmosphere, vM.N) for which he/she wishes to find couple-compatible external models.
  3. The METAFOR query interface displays a list of couple-compatible climate models.
  4. The end-user may then optionally perform further (faceted) filter operations based on desired target model/interface types.
  5. The end-user then has the option to select a particular target model and view information about that model and, potentially, detailed instructions on how to set up a coupling scenario.

Alternative Course of Events

  1. If the CIM repository is unavailable a warning message should be displayed. If this is because of scheduled downtime then some indication should be given as to the expected time of resumption of service.



Miscellaneous Notes:

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