Use-Case: Find Experiments Based On Model X

Author: Phil Bentley
Version: 0.1
Date: 14 May 2008
Associated Work Packages: WP4, WP5, WP6

Purpose: Describes the scenario whereby an end-user wants to find out the experiments (or ensembles or MIPs) that are based on a selected climate model.

Actors: All actors.

Related Use-Cases:


This use-case describes the situation in which an end-user wishes to view information about the experiments (or, equivalently, ensembles or model intercomparison projects) that are based upon, or derived from, a particular climate model. It is envisaged that end-users will wish to view and compare the salient details of the located experiments, for example the motivation for the experiment, who set up and ran the experiment, and so on. Since, however, it cannot be pre-determined exactly which pieces of metadata an end-user might be interested in, it will always be possible to view a full description of a selected experiment using, for example, the View a CIM Record use-case.

This use-case may be considered as a specialisation of the generic Browse a CIM Repository use-case since the end-user is essentially performing a faceted search against model and experiment objects described in the CIM repository.

Typical Course of Events

  1. The end-user navigates to the desired on-line CIM repository, possibly via the mechanism outlined in the Find a CIM Repository use-case.
  2. The end-user employs faceted search options to select a particular climate model of interest.
  3. The end-user then invokes a 'Find Related Experiments' option (or similar) as provided by the METAFOR query interface.
  4. The METAFOR query interface displays a synopsis of all or, in the case of many matches, a subset of the experiments that match the selection criteria. In the case of a subset, the web page includes familiar controls (e.g. << < > >>) for navigating through the full set.
  5. The end-user may optionally click on a hyperlink in a synopsis (e.g. the experiment title string) in order to view the full description of an experiment of interest.

Alternative Course of Events

  1. If the CIM repository is unavailable a warning message should be displayed. If this is because of scheduled downtime then some indication should be given as to the expected time of resumption of service.



Miscellaneous Notes:

An alternative to events 2 and 3 above - a true faceted search in fact - could be something like:

  1. Make 'Experiments' the target of a faceted search.
  2. Show a list of all climate models that are referenced by experiments.
  3. Narrow (filter) the list of experiments by selecting a particular climate model.

Which technique is preferable? Bespoke operation invoked via UI, or generic faceted search?

Use-Case Diagram: