METAFOR use-cases

  1. use-cases: METAFOR use-cases
  2. use-cases/AnnotateCIMRecord: Use-Case: Annotate a CIM Record
  3. use-cases/BrowseCIMRepository: Use-Case: Browse a CIM Repository
  4. use-cases/CaptureGridDefinition: Use-Case: Capture a Grid Definition
  5. use-cases/FindCIMRepository
  6. use-cases/FindExperimentsForModel: Use-Case: Find Experiments Based On Model X
  7. use-cases/FindModelsForExperiment: Use-Case: Find Models Used In Experiment X
  8. use-cases/FindModelsToCouple: Use-Case: Find Models To Couple
  9. use-cases/FindRelatedCIMRecords: Use-Case: Find Related CIM Records
  10. use-cases/FindRelatedCitations: Use-Case: Find Related Citations
  11. use-cases/KeywordSearchCIMRepository: Use-Case: Keyword Search a CIM Repository
  12. use-cases/QueryCIMRepository: Use-Case: Query a CIM Repository
  13. use-cases/ViewCIMRecord: Use-Case: View a CIM Record
  14. use-cases/ViewDatasetQualityReport: Use-Case: Find Related Citations
  15. use-cases/create-qc-record: Use-Case: Modify or Create a quality control record
  16. use-cases/template: Use-Case: <name>
  17. use-cases/testUseCase: Use-Case: a sample use-case

METAFOR use-cases can be described in wiki pages. They ought to reside under the top-level "use-cases" directory, although they could also exist under the appropriate component (ie: WP3, WP4, etc.).


Use-Case Template - A convenient starting point for creating a new use-case description (in wiki format).

 Forum discussion on the use-case template


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