CIM v1.7

This page provides documentation for ticket:986.

It describes the changes made to the CIM v1.5 for the CCSM community. These changes should be proposed to the CIM Governance Committee (post CIM v2.0) once it exists.

  • r2978: added simulationURL to Simulation class
  • r2982: added simulationType to Simulation class; this is a controlled vocabulary (sample terms include "hybrid" and "branch")
  • r2984: added optional esmfAttributes element to SoftwareComponent. This is an <<extensible> element, which means that it can include any mixed XML content. It is intended to store ESMF-generated metadata that does not fit into the current CIM design.
  • r3002: changed the name "esmfAttributes" to "externalAttributes"
  • r3031: removed the extensible attribute added above; CCSM will use custom ComponentProperties instead.