Using the questionnaire to "turn off" a component #810

This wiki walks through the steps to describe an AMIP model configuration.

First add a new simulation to the 3.3 amip experiment
From the simulation page use the buttons in the left hand tab to declare changes to simulation input bindings and the components that will be turned off.
(The "Implemented" and "model mod" links below show proposed screenshots of how the questionnaire will look).

1: [Simulation Inputs]

  • untick the  Implemented box for input bindings that will not be used.
  • declare new inputs for bindings that must take input from new sources such as a sea surface temperature data file.

2: [Model Mods] create a  model mod to turn off a component. The model mod should have the following characteristics

  • type = Unused
  • component = the component to be turned off

and select the model mod to link it with the simulation

Note that the "Implemented" tick box #923 and the "Unused" #810 type still need to be incorporated into the questionnaire