THREDDS to CIM instances tool

This page provides documentation for ticket:707.

Description of tds 2 cim mapping is found here (ticket 249):

Description of the tds2cim tool

A detailed description and implementation description is available on the IS-ENES redmine:

List of involved programs (could be checked out from svn:

parses a TDS and returns a dictionary with all information from the TDS

  • 2.

some functions used in all output functions especially the central 'serialize' function (serializes the dictionary together with the mapping into XML)

  • 3.

makes the mapping from TDS to CIM dataObject XML

  • 4.

makes the mapping from tds to CERA dataset XML

  • 5.

retrieves the summary information of a distinct experiment from the atom feed of the questionnaire

  • 6.

maps tds DRS names into CERA names (only for the CERA output XML)