What Deployment/Hardware/Configuration? Information Should Be Recorded?

(and why)

This page provides documentation for ticket:509.

The CIM Schema contains the following:

  • A SoftwareComponent or a Simulation can have a Deployment
    • A Deployment has...
      • a date (of deployment)
      • an optional text description
      • a Machine, which has...
        • name
        • system
        • library
        • description
        • location
        • operating system
        • type (type can be "serial," "massivelyParallel," or "sharedMemory")
      • one or more Compilers, each of which has...
        • name
        • version
        • language
        • options
        • environmentVariables
        • library
    • there is also a placeholder for Parallelisation information, but this is currently unused

The ESG Display shows the following:

  • "technical properties" has a "simulation" subheading which includes
    • machine name
    • operating system
    • platform
    • processor
    • compiler
    • maximum processors
    • number of cores per processor
    • hardware type
    • interconnect type
    • connection type

The CMIP5 Questionnaire asks the following: