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Here is the table for definitions of terms (parameter names) used in !

This table has been generated thanks to Rupert's xml2excel.xsl parser.

  • Last update: 01/12/2009
  • Author: gerry

How to contribute to the process of building and governing definitions?

* comment * column: post a comment to the current definition, tell us the motivation for a change (f.e. def-1: "Type" is too vague)

* corrections * column: corrections requested (f.e. def-1: use "climate models families") . If comments suggest a rejection decision (cf (3)DR bellow), this column can be left empty and one can fill directly the "new definition" column

* new definition * column: the replacing definition in case of rejection decision (cf (3)DR bellow) or corrections accepted (cf (5)CA bellow)

* status * column: is for governance decision about definition. Status can be one of the following:

  • (1) DS="definition submitted"; next step is (2), (3) or (4)
  • (2) DA="definition accepted"
  • (3) DR="definition rejected"; it is no worth to submit corrections, next step is (7)
  • (4) CS="correction submitted" (definition not accepted as it stands); next step is (5) or (6)
  • (5) CA= "correction accepted" next step is (7)
  • (6) CR="correction rejected"; next step is back to (4) or go directly to (7)
  • (7) NDS="new definition submitted"
  • (8) NDA="new definition accepted"
  • (9) NDR="new definition rejected"; next step is back to (7)

The roadmap for definition governance may apear somewhat "heavy", but the advantage of these multiple steps is that we do not expect the same person to fill-in all of the columns. One can only provide a comment on a submitted definition without changing its status (1); another person will submit a correction (4) and a third one (or the same one but in a second round) can propose a new definition (7) after having accepted (5) or rejected (6) the submitted correction.

Once harversted a set of accepted corrections (CA), a "new definion" is written and submitted (NDS).

The defintions are fixed when the status DA or NDA is reached.

componentparametergroupparameterdefinition commentscorrectionsnew defnitionstatus
1SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesGeneral AttributesBasicApproximationsDescription of the basic approximations made in the sea ice model.DS (gd)
2SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesGeneral AttributesListOfPrognosticVariablesList of sea ice prognostic variables.DS (gd)
3SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesSeaIceRepresentationSchemeTypeType of scheme used to represent sea iceDS (gd)
4SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesSeaIceRepresentationMulti-LevelsSchemeDetails for the multi-levels scheme used for sea ice representation.DS (gd)
5SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesSeaIceRepresentationIceTypesSchemeDetails for the ice types scheme used for sea ice representation.DS (gd)
6SeaIce/SeaIceKeyProperties/SeaIceSpaceConfigurationHorizontalDomainGridConfigDS (gd)
7SeaIce/SeaIceKeyProperties/SeaIceSpaceConfigurationHorizontalDomainMeanResolutionMean horizontal resolution of the sea ice model.DS (gd)
8SeaIce/SeaIceKeyProperties/SeaIceSpaceConfigurationHorizontalDomainGridCharacteristicsDescription of the of the horizontal grid used for sea ice.DS (gd)
9SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesTimeSteppingFrameworkMethodSpecify what timestep sea-ice operates onDS (gd)
10SeaIce/SeaIceKeyPropertiesTimeSteppingFrameworkTimeStepTime step.DS (gd)
11SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsGeneral AttributesWaterPonds[TBA]MISSING
12SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsGeneral AttributesSurfaceAlbedoDetails for surface albedo formulation.DS (gd)
13SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsGeneral AttributesNewIceFormationDetails for the parametrization of new ice formation.DS (gd)
14SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsSnowHeatDiffusionSpecify single layer or multi-layer treatment of snow thermodynamics on sea iceDS (gd)
15SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsSnowSchemeTypeSpecify which processes are included in the snow thermodynamics schemeDS (gd)
16SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsIceVerticalHeatDiffusionDescribe the treatment of vertical heat diffusion within sea iceDS (gd)
17SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsIceNumberOfLayersNumber of layers used in the multi-layer heat diffusion schemeDS (gd)
18SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsIceOceanToIceBasalHeatFluxSpecify how the flux of heat from the ocean to the basal ice is calculatedDS (gd)
21SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsIceTransportInThicknessSpaceSpecify method of calculating sea ice thicknessDS (gd)
22SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsGeneral AttributesRheologyScheme used to model sea ice rheologyDS (gd)
23SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsGeneral AttributesAdvectionSpecify which advection scheme is used for sea iceDS (gd)
24SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsGeneral AttributesHorizontalDiscretizationGridSpecify on which horizontal grid sea-ice is modelledDS (gd)
25SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsRedistributionTypeSpecify the process by which sea-ice redistribution is modelledDS (gd)
26SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsRedistributionIceStrengthFormulationDetails for the ice strength formulation.DS (gd)

Herafter is the previous version of definitions tables for Ocean, included translation into ESG land (sylvia)

componentparameterdefinitionESG displayESG accordianESG RDF propertyESG Classstatuscomments
SeaIceSeaIceRepresentation[TBA]Sea Ice RepresentationhasSeaIceRepresentation
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/SnowHeatDiffusion[TBA]Snow Heat DiffusionhasSnowHeatDiffusion
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/SnowProperties[TBA]Snow PropertieshasSnowProperties
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/Ice/VerticalHeatDiffusionSchemeType[TBA]Vertical Heat Diffusion SchemehasVerticalHeatDiffusionSchemeHeatDiffusionScheme
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/Ice/VerticalHeatDiffusionNumberOfLayers[TBA]Number of Vertical Heat Diffusion LayershasNumberOfVerticalHeatDiffusionLayersdatatype, integer
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/IceOceanToIceBasalHeatFlux[TBA]Ocean to Ice Basel Heat FluxhasOceantoIceBaselHeatFlux
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/IceBrineInclusions[TBA]Brine InclusionshasBrineInclusionsdatatype, boolean
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/IceProperties[TBA]Ice PropertieshasIceProperties
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/IceTransportInThicknessSpace[TBA]Ice Transport in Thickness SpacehasIceTransportinThicknessSpace
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamicsWaterPonds[TBA]Water PondshasWaterPondsdatatype, boolean
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/SurfaceAlbedoMethod[TBA]Surface Albedo MethodhasSurfaceAlbedoMethodAlbedoMethod
SeaIce/SeaIceThermodynamics/NewIceFormationMethod[TBA]New Ice Formation MethodhasIceFormationMethodIceFormationMethod
SeaIce/SeaIceDynamics/RedistributionType[TBA]Ice Redistribution TypehasIceRedistributionType
SeaIce/SeaIceDynamics/RedistributionIceStrengthFormulation[TBA]Ice Redistribution Strength FormulationhasIceRedistributionStrengthFormulation
SeaIce/SeaIceDynamicsHorizontalDiscretization[TBA]Horizontal DiscretizationhasHorizontalDiscretizationDiscretizationTypeSJM: this is the potential for reuse. Need to review ESG current classes to find parallels.