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Work in progress

The flattening exercise aims at generating "flat" minmaps starting from a given version of the corresponding "raw" mindmaps (the one from and for scientist interviews).
The two sorts of midmaps (raw ans flat) evolve separately, with their own speed.

The table bellow gives, for each Software CV flat mindmap, the current picture of its synchronization with the raw one.

Last Update of the table: 04/09/2009

Flat mindmapSynchonized with raw?Based onLast scientific inputs
taken into account
Last scientific inputs
missing / comments
Atmosphere_flat.mmyesr557 - 09/06/09Bruce Wyman/Balaji? (GFDL)none for the moment
Ocean_flat.mmyesr646 - 06/07/09Steve Griffies/Balaji? (GFDL)none for the moment
!SeaIce_flat.mmyesr524 - 29/05/09Martin VanCoppenolle (UCL)none for the moment
!LandSurface_flat.mmyesr813 - 06/07/09Gerhard Krinner (LGGE) for LS-Snownone for the moment
!LandIce_flat.mmyesr813 - 06/07/09Catherine Ritz & Gerhard Krinner (LGGE)none for the moment
!OceanBiogeochemistry_flat.mmyesr580 - 15/06/09Laurent Bopp (IPSL)none for the moment
!AtmosphericChemistry_flat.mmyesr812 - 19/08/09Peter Braesicke, Christoph Bruehl (UKCA)
+V-H. Peuch comments (CNRM)
none for the moment
(! issue on the way to be solved with Bryan...
( - 06/07/09Xcoupling issue on the way to be solved with Bryan...

Note: When some scientific last inputs are missing:
If 'synchonized with raw = no', it means that the last sci. inputs have been ingested in the raw mindmap only (flat based on a previous raw version, and not on the last and updated raw version).
If 'synchonized with raw = yes', it means that the last sci. inputs have been ingested in neither flat nor raw mindmaps (flat based on the last but not updated raw version)

Why flattening Mind Map

The current Django technology used for building the questionnaire starting from the original (or "raw") mindmaps does not support some particular structures as "complex parameters" (i.e. downstream parameter whose existence depends on a choice made upstream).

So we need to flatten complex parameters in the mindmaps, in some cases we also need to flatten components.

Writting conventions:

  • The file naming convention will be -->
  • Flattened mindmaps will contain the original mindmap structure on the left of the central node and the flattened mindmap structure on the right. This will allow before and after comparison. not flat (name) flat

The compete flattening rules are given in ticket:244.