restructure the wiki

This page provides documentation for ticket:226.

At the Y1 meeting it was decided that Sarah & Allyn should restructure the website to make it easier to find things. They will also formulate working procedures for using the wiki and ticket system effectively.

  1. rewrote the WikiStart page to include a set of useful links to users
  2. added a rules page where working procedures are documented
    the basic rules are:
    1. all METAFOR work should derive from a ticket
    2. all tickets should link to wiki documentation, requirements, use-cases, and repository code as appropriate
    3. top-level wiki pages have a prescribed structure
    4. each wiki page should be located appropriately
  3. incorporated a global "wiki index" which gets updated automatically and should be included into all top-level wiki pages
    • this isn't a very pretty index; can I do better?
  4. added the ability for each WP to list the tickets it owns using the [[[TicketQuery]]] macro
  5. Andrew installed  ShowPathPlugin to enable a "breadcrumb trail" to the header of wiki pages;
  6. encourage people to use the timeline page to view recent changes to the website, by default it only lists opening & closing tickets
    • Andrew modified {{trac.ini}} to extend the set of changes that are reported
    • restricting the visible changes by type (wiki, tickets, repository) can be done on the timeline page itself, but to do it via a link to the timeline page is difficult b/c I have to specify a "from" date; currently I specify an explicit date a bit in the future - there must be a better way to do this
  7. made a useful set of ticket reports to use
  8. can the tickets be cleaned-up / rationalised / thinned-out at all?
  9. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the use of doodle; can anything be added to trac to help w/ this?
  10. Andrew added the  wysiwyg plugin to help w/ editing complicated wiki pages.