CMIP5 Questionnaire

documenting work on ticket

information about the controlled vocabularies required for the CIM is being collated at ControlledVocabularies?

30.1.2009: Freemind icon logic

Allyn has created the xsl above to take a freemind (mm) file and convert into more straightforward XML. Logical OR, XOR and AND relationships are captured with the following icon conventions:

checkmark(green tick)= OR

cross= XOR

star= AND

29.1.2009: Mindmap Examples

The questionnaires for the CMIP5 long term experiments 3.1::Control, 3.2::20Century and 3.3::AMIP have been transcribed into a mindmap: CMIP5Activity_mm.png. If the experiments are filled out in numerical order then the blue colour on the mindmap indicates that the information has already been entered and so questions are not required. Green ticks indicate that only one choice can be made, the warning triangle shows where an experiment has multiple inheritance and requires information from all parents.

I have also made a mindmap to demonstrate the different paths through the CMIP5 long term experiments that will make the most use of metadata from "parent" experiments. The colours on this mindmap are the same as the CMIP5 bulls-eye graphic: pink=core, yellow=tier1, green=tier2

29.1.2009 Mindmap proposed

The software package controlled vocabulary workshop in Toulouse on 28th January, identified mindmapping as a more suitable method of communicating the questionnaire structure and controlled vocabulary requirements to CMIP5 stakeholders.

23.1.2009 Survey Monkey first stab

First stab at questionnaire developmemt was done using survey monkey. This work can be found on the metafor surveymonkey account under CMIP5. The Activity survey contains questions to capture conformance to the numerical requirements of CMIP5 long term experiments 3.1::Control, 3.2::20C and 3.3::AMIP

31.3.2009 Requirements

Requirements for questionnaire from year 1 meeting now listed on CMIP5/QuestionaireRequirements