notes for  ticket 180



Here is where I am writing my list of issues / resolutions. In the next weeks I will work on setting up requirements / issues / tickets processes as per Mark's documents.

This list was begun after Telco11 (13 Nov 2008), so it may miss out some earlier decisions.

1. What is the relationship between activity::Diagnostic and activity::Simulation?

Firstly the name "Diagnostic" is the wrong name. I'm going to call it "Processor" in one last valiant attempt to avoid another "Thingie".

Secondly, a Processor does something to data while a Simulation simulates something with data. The former is mostly about engineering, the latter is mostly about science.

One key difference is that a Simulation conforms to the NumericalRequirements? of a particular NumericalExperiment?.

Another key difference is that a Simulation is associated with a ModelComponent?. A Processor could be associated with a SoftwareComponent?, though it's not clear whether or not developers would bother recording this in practice.

There may be further specialisations of Processor: ESG has "AnalysisVisualization?" and "PostProcessing?", to name a few.

2. Are we coupling fields/properties or components?

Both. A Composition contains a set of Couplings. Each Coupling associates a source component with a target component. A Coupling contains a set of Connections. Each Connection associates a source field/property (of the Coupling's source) with a target field/property (of the Coupling's target).

Clearly, filling out every connection in a large coupled model is a big job. So Couplings have a "complete" attribute. If this is false, then any set of subsequent Connections are underspecified.