These are notes outlining how to deploy the metafor prototype portal software (note that this portal can be deployed anywhere that metafor documents are held in an appropriately structured  eXist database.)

Note that in what follows you need to use the easy_install and python which are the ones seen by your web server!


  • deployed  eXist with appropriate metadata structure (to be documented).
  • python easy_install and python 2.5.
  • ndgUtils egg (easy_install -f ndgUtils)

deploying code

The code is developed in the portal subversion tree. New versions should be committed, and then built as python eggs using the python bdist-egg command in the meta4 parent directory.

Currently these eggs are copied to the  ndg distribution directory, but that needs to change. You could install your own egg from any location you like.


easy_install -f meta4