Telco 149 21st June 2012

Attending: Charlotte, Sylvia, Mark M, Allyn, Eric, Gerry, Cecelia, Hans
Next telco:


  • Charlotte and Sylvia talk about how to run and minute metafor meetings
  • Mark M Put documentation about using word press for spashpages on the ES-Doc website
  • Charlotte talk to Sophie and Marie-Pierre about re-structuring the CV paper
  • Charlotte is top of atmosphere insolation in the questionnaire?
  • Gerry scope how much time it will take to allow batch resubmition of simulations when a model is updated.
  • ES-Doc PIs to review Mark M's ES-Doc splash page proposal inculding URLs
  • Charlotte set up telco with Sylvia, Allyn and Gerry to discus using the new CIM editor for the Bristol Paleoclimate group
  • Sylvia doodle for next telco for week of 2nd July and two weeks after

Previous Actions

  • Mark - email Cecelia about commercial provider for dev and test environment and institutional server for splash page. splash page - ongoing
  • Bryan - come up with a proposal for cover page portal - taken over by new ticket
  • Sebastien - email the Ensembles modelling group to let them know the data is being put into the Ensembles questionnaire -ongoing
  • Sophie and Marie-Pierre - look at re-structuring the CV paper - ongoing

Completed actions

  • Mark - email Cecelia about commercial provider for dev and test environment and institutional server for splash page. - web faction for dev and test - done,
  • Gerry - confirm that any changes to the model that don't change coupling inputs will not change the bindings done in the simulations of the model. - done
  • Mark and Sylvia - mail the list with the urls for the COG pages discussing the various planned portals. - done - url plan
  • Mark - chase Bryan about his attendance at the next coding sprint - done (bryan can't make it)
  • Charlotte - arrange doodle for next telco - done

Questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

New questions for chapter nine AR5,

  • if we don't hear back from Karl taylor by tomorrow we will go ahead and issue the questions.
  • there will be a bespoke table to collect answers to the new questions

Questionnaire does not enforce bindings

  • If users want to add bindings at a later date to the model then the simulation pages that used that model will have to be updated by hand to include the new bindings
  • Should gerry write code to do batch re-publishing? - yes
  • Gerry to scope the effort required - could be 2-3 weeks of work

ES-doc news (Mark M and Sylvia)

CIM QC documents are being ingested into the back end of the repository

  • QC docs have data information that allow them to be associated with target simulation documents
  • Back end done, view rendering will happen at the coding sprint

Web Action (hosting provider for test and development)

  • sand boxes for mark and sylvia
  • test environment for developer website
  • Scientist website - word press
  • splash page - word press
  • static file - for test mode
  • static file - for production mode
  • development environment
  • sand box for Allyn's metadata editor

Coding sprint next week Monday 10am - Friday 4pm,
Focus is on the viewer (1st) and the api (2nd) and then the splash pages (3rd)
Agenda will follow the ES-Doc trac and P2P trac

  • ES-Doc trac,
    • release v1.0 viewer
      • release v1.0 api
      • prototype v2.0 api (with sophisticated search)
      • splash page v1.0 release
      • decision about CV server
      • editor
        • generic extensible system
        • based on the CIM schema
        • can use controlled vocabulary
        • will be used by an atmospheric dynamical core project (starting in august)
        • customisation of what we call things in the CIM
  • P2P trac
    • ...

Discusion about using the CIM editor in the UK

  • Can use this editor to collect the extra information from the Bristol Paleoclimate group who are partners with PIMMS
  • Bristol currently have a simple webform that asks users for specific information
    • their info could be described with existing CIM packages but is not covered by the questionnaire
    • so we could use Allyn's editor to collect it

Dynamical core Workshop on 30th July - 5th August

  • ingest of metadata created with Allyn's editor - output as CIM1.5 xml
  • Can we use Mark's CIM viewer to look at the metadata ?
  • sylvia and Mark to discuss straight after the telco

Using CIM for statistical downscaling

  • statistical downscalers are extending the controlled vocabulary
  • they have suggested updates to the CIM (1.5) schema
  • how can we add updates to the CIM in the absence of a governance committee?
    • suggest tagging with appropriate number but reckon we should check in with appropriate stake holders (dom and bryan)

Splash Pages

  • entry page with linkes to portal dev, other documentation, cmip5, cordex...
  • could use es-doc splash page with links to development portal, non-human api, other documentation
  • can use word press to do this

PIMMS (Charlotte)

can we update the simulation page with information about papers that resulted as a consequence?

  • citiation - can be used for many different document formats, URL, bibliographic ref, whatever

Dissemination news (Eric)

  • BAMS still waiting for news
  • GMD now in press
  • CV paper needs restructuring

Next Telco

TBD by doodle: