Telco 148 31st May 2012

Attending: Sarah, Charlotte, Gerry, Mark M, Hans, Eric, Sylvia


Next telco:
to be arranged in 2 weeks

New Actions

  • Gerry - confirm that any changes to the model that don't change coupling inputs will not change the bindings done in the simulations of the model.
  • Mark and Sylvia - mail the list with the urls for the COG pages discussing the various planned portals.
  • Mark - email Cecelia about commercial provider for dev and test environment and institutional server for splash page.
  • Mark - chase Bryan about his attendance at the next coding sprint
  • Charlotte - arrange doodle for next telco

Previous Actions

  • Bryan - come up with a proposal for cover page portal - ongoing
  • Sebastien - email the Ensembles modelling group to let them know the data is being put into the Ensembles questionnaire -ongoing
  • Sophie and Marie-Pierre - look at re-structuring the CV paper - ongoing

Completed actions

  • Sarah - send full BAMS and Clivar papers and citations to the list - done.
  • Gerry - produce new questionnaire page with additional questions - done
  • Mark (ES Doc) - come up with long term roadmap for new portal - ongoing - Bryan in charge of this - done. 1 entry page with 2 main subsections, 1 for scientists, 1 for computer people.
  • questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Spent last 2 weeks migrating documents to take into account the new DRS tag - for the most part done. GFDL documents haven't been done, because it entails a change in model name. Waiting for permission from GFDL people.

Change in model names from lower to uppercase doesn't affect ESG systems.

New questions page: Gerry written a python script to add new questions to a live questionnaire/database. New questions get put into a python dictionary format and script adds questions in the right places in the questionnaire. New questions exposed at the top model level of the page. Needs a bit of tidying. May want to seperate new questions into different page. Export automatically puts that info into the correct CIM format - tested with Gerry's viewer.

ESG system won't recognise new names.

Difficulty: If a centre has already published 100 simulation documents which point to a model, changes to the model don't get picked up by the simulation documents. All simulations that were published will have to be re-published to capture those model changes.

In cases where a model is edited and saved, can produce a pop-up page with list of simulations that this change effects, with batch publish button.

Could we have a switch to say that all simulations attached to the changed model reamin the same? Or other option that model is new and therefore simulations need to be updated.

Simulation automatically contains model info in it. If simulation document only had a pointer to a seperate model document, then this wouldn't be a problem.

Deadline of mid June to have information ready for IPCC report.

We could ask the users to make sure to publish the model as a seperate document.

20 new documents come in this week. Impression that it's slowing down slightly. API returns an xml file that details how many simulation documents etc have been published.

  • ES-doc news (Mark M and Sylvia)

Meeting every 2 weeks. Each telco: 1/2 devoted to code review, other 1/2 devoted to strategy.

Doodle poll out to organise coding sprint. Sebastien keep to change scope of this to be IS-ENES meeting: 3 tracks: development, operations and strategy. Different people would attend at different times during the week. Planning for sprint mid-late June.

Maybe should be looking at September to be able to get the US people over?

Funding from IS-ENES to bring 4/5 US people over to Europe for the sprint/meeting.

ES-DOC products: viewer and editor (developed by Allyn)

Viewer: will plug in to various websites. Requires an API to get the documents it's to render. API is now complete. v0.8.0

All CMIP5 documents exposed by the questionnaire in the rss feed are bundled as document sets. DRS terms are essential for mapping between data and metadata.

Backend work is done so now can focus on front end rendering.

API is hosted in the same container as the CIM portal, which is being rebranded as the ES-DOC portal. Working on rebranding now. Working on merging all the tools into a single page. 2-3 days to finish this off.

Existing CIM portal can be replaced with updated ES-DOC portal.

PIMMS documents will be available in the repository (with ES-DOC branding) but people can find them by searching via project. Or coupld embed search plugin and view plugin in PIMMS webpages.

Site very much aimed at developers. Need to consider what information to deliver to the scientific community.

Want to have a CMIP5 specific site pointing to ESG trackback and other useful resources for people looking for info about CMIP5 models.

Proposed plan for different portals is written down on the COG site.

Coding sprint should have session telling people about what COG is and how it works, including user stories.

Gerry volunteered to be code reviewer and tested for editor/ Grids being implemented. Finalised what needs to be done for Dy-core workshop. Allyn will give an update on next es-doc telco.

Need a place to put an es-doc splash page that isn't the portal and is a bit more pretty. Looking at doing this in wordpress, and where to get it hosted. Wanting NOAA to do this rather than a commerical site, might have to approach BADC/IPSL.

Project called ExArch? - converation in ExArch? about how to address metadata storage in large infrastructures. Hoping to get Martin Juckes along to coding sprint too talk about this.

  • Dissemination news (Sarah)

BAMS paper resubmitted, formatting changes done, so gone back for review.

GMD paper submitted by Bryan, now under open review.

Still waiting on CV paper.

  • Misc

Form Cs received by the EU.

Sarah is starting a new project next month, so won't be able to support the telcos anymore. Charlotte and Sylvia will be taking over telco organisation from now on.