Telco 146 2nd April 2012

Attending: Sarah, Hans, Sylvia, Mark M, Eric, Allyn

Apologies: Charlotte

Next telco:
to be arranged Doodle poll at

New Actions

  • Bryan - come up with a proposal for cover page portal
  • Mark (ES Doc) - come up with long term roadmap for new portal
  • Mark, email Gerry - expose re-published documents at a different url
  • Eric - send revised version of BAMS article and response to reviewers comments to the list

Previous Actions

  • Gerry - arrange time for demo session of Ensembles questionnaire - ongoing
  • Gerry and Bryan - have a talk off-line about user authentication in the Ensembles questionnaire - ongoing
  • Sebastien - email the Ensembles modelling group to let them know the data is being put into the Ensembles questionnaire - ongoing
  • Mark M - establish a starting list of what's needed for portal to be production ready - ongoing
  • Sylvia - summarise things that need to happen for portal to be production ready - ongoing
  • Gerry - send Sylvia link to questionnaire stats collected in the questionnaire - ongoing
  • Gerry - email list with example of use of RIP value to distinguish between decadal runs, in the form of a white paper - ongoing
  • Charlotte, Eric, Nicola - find out whether PIMMS is footing the bills for the telcos - done - email discussion started
  • Bryan - take a first pass over the GMD papers, then set up a telco to discuss - ongoing
  • Sophie and Marie-Pierre - look at re-structuring the CV paper - ongoing
  • Gerry and Charlotte - set up wiki page to list all question requests to add into the questionnaire - ongoing
  • Eric and Bryan - discuss new questions issue with Karl and send him a draft email to questionnaire users asking what questions they'd like to ask - ongoing - no point bothering Karl at the moment, so draft email and send it to Karl to approve - ongoing

Completed actions

  • Mark M - confirm that tracking id resolution service works - done (it doesn't work. Backend API does support tracking ID resolution. Blocking point is how to adapt web front end.)
  • Sylvia, Mark, Sebastien and Bryan - have conversation about portal timescales on 28th March -done


  • Transfer membership of the Metafor list to es-doc list.
  • review of actions from previous telcos

Use-cases for portal and how it'll be production ready still being discussed. Waiting for atom feeds to be re-published - need up-to-date DRS information.

Issues with CIM viewer - needs to be replaced. New viewer needs to be scientifically coherent. Search screen in portal needs to be scientifically coherent.

If function of portal becomes more scientifically oriented, it'll need to be re-branded.

Want entry page for CMIP5 that will point to ESG portal and Metafor portal, which will hide anything to do with the CIM and explain difference between the 2 portals.

Want a fuller CMIP5 portal with more documentation, blog posts etc. Long term solution.

Short term need to allow questionnaire users to find the data. Hence set up a quick solution (cover page) and work on more long term solution later.Get branding and styled straight away.Use a Wordpress or Mezzanine solution.

Needs to be a community decision as to what the page looks like, but people are confused as to where to find the (meta)data.

Clearly labelled links to ESG trackback, questionnaire etc.

Need clear roadmap of where portal is heading for the community.

  • questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)


  • Created a mind map to handle limited area models in collaboration with the CASCADE (Reading) and BRIDGE (Bristol) project members.
  • Analysed the metadata that the BRIDGE project collects about simulations and all categories fit with the Metafor CIM.This is important step towards integrating PIMMS into the metadata workflow at Bristol.
  • The Chemical Tagger software has successfully parsed a journal article for Metafor Controlled Vocabularies. We expect to be able to create CIM compliant xml using this software.

Questionnaire for CMIP5:

  • disambiguating simulations. We need to tag each simulation metadata record with sufficient DRS info that it can be disambiguated (and the DOI landing pages can have a one to one mapping between DRS tag and a Simulation metadata record). So far we provide : centre, model name, experiment name, rip index. In addition we will also provide the start year. This will enable us to distinguish two simulations for the same experiment with the same rip but different start dates e.g. RCP45 (2006-2100) and RCP45 (2100-2300).
  • CMIP5Q stats: 371 simulations published from 9 centres: CMA-BCC, CMCC, GFDL, INM, MOHC, MPI-M, NASA-GISS, NCAR, NCC.

Doing more work to connect data and metadata.

  • CIM 2.0 roadmap and governance (Bryan et al.)

Governance is making progress. Before going to WCRP to propose governance committee, discussions to refactor the cf governance committees. Karl and Bryan happy with the details of how the CIM standards committee would work. Now just have to integrate with other standards committees.

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)

  • implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Have deployed a test application. Discussing ingesting Ensembles documents into the CIM portal for viewing via the CIM portal.

  • ES-doc development (Mark M et al.)

CIM portal is under remit of ES-doc. Portal released as rc-1. Lot of debate as to what its functionality should be (see earlier). Database replaced by postgres database - searches are quicker. Search page gives a global view of all documents ingested.

Simulation tab - would be good to have column of the model and institute as well. Only experiments won't have an associated institue.

Links to viewer slighty improved. Each entry in search result has link to xml and json (fairly skeletal - in next version will render 90%+ of original xml).

Need to start ingesting quality control documents and link these to simulations. When viewing a dataset can also resolve the qc document.

APIs behind portal allow uploading, deleting documents.

Ready for rc-2 release next week.

Hold off re-publishing things in the feed, because it will create a duplicate in the ESG portal.

May or early June for next coding sprint. Could invite ESGF working group and have 2 tracks in the sprint.

CIM viewer demoed last week. Working to start drafting the use cases to sign off on with this viewer and establish working processes for ES-doc. Possibly setting up scientific working group at IPSL to drive scientific coherence of the portal.

Need to have multiple ways of exposing info in the CIM documents, depending on who's looking.

Editor for CIM documents - unclear what the final format of CV will be. Time being, stick with very simple format, though content will be comparable to what's in CMIP5.

Mark is primary resource for CIM portal and viewer - should focus his time on viewer. Shouldn't be advertising portal because of its limitations until next version.

Could set up a place for users to provide feedback on the portal. will direct to splash page, with link to needs to point to something. Need consistent url design. Calling the current CIM portal is confusing.

Need proposal for a workplan that the PIs can approve.

Next sprint meeting is Wednesday. 20th April for a short document with workplan and proposal for how es-doc should work.

Curator transitioning to work under es-doc. Ditto Metafor.

  • ESG news (Sylvia)

Waiting to see what the transition will be for the portal. 2.0 gateway at NCAR is the best place to view metadata. In holding pattern for the gateway.

  • Dissemination news (Sarah)
    • GMD special issue papers.

On back burner, but not forgotten.

  • BAMs article

Almost done revising it. Section suggested by the reviewers, take someone by the hand and show them what they can do "today" (at date of publication). Do we talk about the other portal? Visibility at this point?

If we wait for our system to be perfect, we'll never publish anything. Put caveats to say these are intial tools, and describe next steps for the community, process to inform improvements.