Telco 145 6th March 2012

Attending: Sarah, Charlotte, Bryan, Hans, Allyn, Gerry, Sylvia, Sebastien, Mark M Apologies: Eric

Next telco to be arranged Doodle poll at

New Actions

  • Mark M - confirm that tracking id resolution service works.
  • Gerry - arrange time for demo session of Ensembles questionnaire
  • Gerry and Bryan - have a talk off-line about user authentication in the Ensembles questionnaire
  • Sebastien - email the Ensembles modelling group to let them know the data is being put into the Ensembles questionnaire
  • Mark M - establish a starting list of what's needed for portal to be production ready
  • Sylvia, Mark, Sebastien and Bryan - have conversation about portal timescales on 28th March.
  • Sylvia - summarise things that need to happen for portal to be production ready
  • Gerry - send Sylvia link to questionnaire stats collected in the questionnaire

Previous Actions

  • Gerry - email list with example of use of RIP value to distinguish between decadal runs, in the form of a white paper - ongoing
  • Charlotte, Eric, Nicola - find out whether PIMMS is footing the bills for the telcos - ongoing
  • Bryan - take a first pass over the GMD papers, then set up a telco to discuss after next telco - ongoing
  • Sophie and Marie-Pierre - look at re-structuring the CV paper - ongoing
  • Gerry and Charlotte - set up wiki page to list all question requests to add into the questionnaire - ongoing
  • Eric and Bryan - discuss new questions issue with Karl and send him a draft email to questionnaire users asking what questions they'd like to ask - ongoing - no point bothering Karl at the moment, so draft email and send it to Karl to approve - ongoing

Completed actions

  • Sebastien and Gerry - deploy ensembles questionnaire - done
  • Gerry, Charlotte, Sebastien, Mark and Antonio to discuss the deployment of the Ensembles questionnaire and use of the work being done in PIMMS - done
  • Gerry - add Metafor people to the PIMMS email list - done
  • Sarah - email Nicola about Reading audit certificate - done
  • Eric and Sarah - upload audit certificates to the NEF - done
  • Sarah - email Metafor email list membership to the list - done
  • Charlotte - investigate adding Metafor people to the PIMMS list - done
  • Martina, Frank, Sylvia, Stephen, Charlotte, Gerry - continue to discuss DOI landing pages via ticket and arrange a telco if necessary and report to next telco - done
  • Sebastien, Hans, Mark - write specification for tracking id resolution service - done



  • DOI landing pages. Need feedback on this issue. Metafor needs to be very clear about our expectations.
  • review of actions from previous telcos

Ensembles questionnaire deployed and on-line. Organising a time to go through it.

Response from Mark E re EC-Earth query 240.

Charlotte sent email to modelling groups to say they can have another training telco.

Telcos had re DOI issue. Plan in place, and working on it.

Tracking id resolution service - might already have been done? Need to define what kind of CIM instances the tracking id goes to.

Ought to resolve to dataset description and then to CIM instance.

  • questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Ensembles questionnaire up and running now. Few complications with implementing "isUnknown" quantity. Main difference is at main component level, along the top has a checkbox to say that the user doesn't know all/some of the information

  • makes its way through to validation and stops the validation saying errors for that page.

Any issues with bringing the unknown into the CV side, instead of forcing the questionnaire code to put in "unkown"? If box is ticked then empy answers will be mapped as "unknown". This is ok.

How do we notate this change to the CV? Source of the CV used will differentiate.

Few issues to be discussed - like how to authenticate users. Not necessary to use openID, though might be good to use if it's easy to implement. Depends on how much effort it'll take Gerry.

Sebastien and Paco should be allowed to edit the Ensembles questionnaire.

Will be deploying questionnaires to local universities (as part of PIMMS) so may want to use the Django authentication for those.

Might want Enssembles modeeling groups to check the data that'll be input.

300 documents in CMIP5 feed.

Question brought up - how to delete simulations that have been exported? Can't delete stuff that's been exported. Changed questionnaire to remove functionality to delete when export has happened. Issue still needs addressing. Deleting document in the questionnaire doesn't mean it's been deleted anywhere else. Need to ensure that it's replaced by later versions - could add functionality to questionnaire to rescind document. People want to correct rather than retract things. Low priority.

Working on changes to later experiment descriptions.

PIMMS - CMIP5-style questionnaire deployed at Bristol to describe paleoclimate. working now on tailoring it to be a more generic questionnaire.

CV - used to parse a GMD article and has pulled out information from the article automatically. Notes on most recent PIMMs hangout Not at the stage to create an app - more proof of concept.

  • CIM 2.0 roadmap (Bryan et al.)

Nothing to report.

  • WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)
    • implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Next step to check with Gerry next steps to edit Ensembles questionnaire and put in the information.

  • WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

Cleaning up the versions in the software repositories. CIM portal supposed to release rc1 - problems with eXist database.

Releasing beta 3 instead.

Changes are: repository page displays platform, gridspec, ensemble. Get raw xml as no viewer for those pages available. Search api - putting together a search by DRS api. From DRS names can pull out institute, model, experiment and ensemble and

resolve to CIM document. Not fully tested. Search api will be used from javascript CIM viewer.

Javascript CIM viewer can resolve documents from CIM id and version, or DRS name. Development ongoing. py-CIM library under development.

esdoc.github repository for software.

Quality control documents will be in next version of the portal. Resolve from a dataset and name to qc document.

  • DOI landing pages

When will portal be production ready? Special session to discuss what's been done and when we'll be happy for everyone to move to using it. Need to be clear when we think they're satisfied. Will need demos for wider community.

Couple of months to replicate in javascript viewer NCAR layout.

  • ESG news (Sylvia)

NCAR release a full rc for ESG gateway 2.0. Still uncertainty in longevity of any of these software stacks. Need a community level plan to give a way forward. Concentrating on bug fixes. Metadata to data connection - erratic behaviour bug in v1.3. Mapping working to a certain level.

Did a full test on gateways to see what files are being mapped. Some files at BADC not being fixed - Stephen informed.

Moved metrics from ESG wiki over to COG (under Curator classic) - tracking how many records are coming in and being displayed, not being displayed correctly etc. Useful for questionnaire managers - operational status report.

  • Dissemination news (Sarah)
    • GMD special issue papers.

Nothing to report

  • BAMs article

Reviewers comments back - need to revise and resubmit for another review. By the time that's done, we'll be too late to use it as a way of telling the modelling groups about the questionnaire.

Wouldn't hurt to have a BAMS paper - no problem with going around again. Don't need to tie it to CMIP5.

  • Misc

Thanks to everyone to responding to the extra EU queries. All answered now! Scientific work signed off and complete. Hopefully financial stuff is complete now, so we'll get our final payment.