Telco 144 2nd February 2012

Attending: Sarah, Hans, Martina, Frank, Gerry, Allyn, Eric, Sebastien, Mark M, Sylvia, Charlotte


Next telco:
to be arranged Doodle poll at

New Actions

  • Gerry, Charlotte, Sebastien, Mark and Antonio to discuss the deployment of the Ensembles questionnaire and use of the work being done in PIMMS.
  • Gerry - add Metafor people to the PIMMS email list
  • Sarah - email Nicola about Reading audit certificate
  • Eric and Sarah - upload audit certificates to the NEF.
  • Sarah - email Metafor email list membership to the list.
  • Charlotte - investigate adding Metafor people to the PIMMS list
  • Gerry - email list with example of use of RIP value to distinguish between decadal runs, in the form of a white paper.
  • Charlotte, Eric, Nicola - find out whether PIMMS is footing the bills for the telcos.

Previous Actions

  • Sebastien and Gerry - deploy ensembles questionnaire - ongoing
  • Bryan - take a first pass over the GMD papers, then set up a telco to discuss after next telco - ongoing
  • Sophie and Marie-Pierre - look at re-structuring the CV paper - ongoing
  • Gerry and Charlotte - set up wiki page to list all question requests - ongoing
  • Eric and Bryan - discuss new questions issue with Karl and send him a draft email to questionnaire users asking what questions they'd like to ask - ongoing - no point bothering Karl at the moment, so draft email and send it to Karl to approve.
  • Martina, Frank, Sylvia, Stephen, Charlotte, Gerry - continue to discuss DOI landing pages via ticket and arrange a telco if necessary and report to next telco - ongoing
  • Sebastien, Hans, Mark - write specification for tracking id resolution service - ongoing

Completed actions

  • Mark M - arrange recurring telco for priorities (people: Mark M, Gerry, Allyn, Sylvia, Luca, Hans, Sebastien, maybe Rupert and Paul) - done
  • Mark M - send summary of priorties telco to list - done
  • Gerry and Allyn - prod Rupert and Paul about who's in charge of the validation software - done
  • Sarah - complete Metafor final report - done. Waiting for audit certificates.
  • Sarah - Put public deliverable documents on the wiki - done
  • Charlotte - summarise DOI issues as discussed in the telco and send to the list- done, ticket 1004.
  • Martina, Frank, Sylvia, Stephen, Charlotte, Gerry, Bryan - continue to discuss requirements for QC level 3 with Karl and Michael and arrange telco as needed - done
  • Bryan - talk with Karl about who has the ball for the governance committee, and then get it rolling - done. Bryan's got the ball.


  • Questionnaire support emails shouldn't be on the Metafor list, but should be on the cmip5qhelp list.
  • Specific email list for ESM metadata group, but will include the Metafor list.
  • Charlotte will help with the Metafor list admin.
  • Add anyone who sends an email to the list which bounces, as an approved sender.


- review of actions from previous telcos

Ensembles questionnaire not a priority at the moment.

PIMMS is bringing in new functionality not in the CMIP5 questionnaire. Some of the things being done for PIMMS might be useful for Ensembles as well - should discuss this. PIMMS is taking the CMIP5-specifics out of the CMIP5 questionnaire.

There is a specific email list for PIMMS.

Validation software - Gerry spoke to Rupert and Rupert is happy to let us go ahead with the plan and/or provide support, depending on what's needed.

Tracking id resolution service: Sebastien drafting an email about it, but progress has been made.

- Metafor email list contents and use


  1. Add Metafor list as sub-list to PIMMS/new US group for developing tools/other email lists and people then need to filter out the duplicates
  2. Just add individual members of Metafor to the other lists.

We don't want to expose customers to the technical elements of the projects.

Want to keep the Metafor list alive as it's important to keep links between developers and end users.

Questionnaire support emails shouldn't be on the Metafor list, but should be on the cmip5qhelp list.

PIMMS also has a two-weekly blog post which summarises developments.

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)


  • Collapse experiments down to "decadal" to map to DRS.
  • Modify CIM - entails a lot of migration of info in the questionnaire and in the atom feed.
  • Get around this using RIP values

Close to 100 simulation records across 8/9 simulation centres. Possible, but messy.

For each ensemble member we collect an RIP value and RIP value is in the data naming.

RIP values will still allow for uniqueness across 2 seperate documents, even if both names are collapsed to "decadal".

Trackback url constructed using the model name and the simulation name. Now will use the RIP value in the trackback url.

CIM records only exist down to level above RIP value.

Using RIP value will work fine for this problem. Needs to be as formally defined as the DRS syntax document.

Request for new functionality to select same base simulation and apply it to a number of years.

136 records added into the questionnaire since last telco, from NCAR, GFDL, IPSL.

Front page of questionnaire - column added to say what model was used and what simulations were run.

Still problems with qc and DOI assignment.

QC team want to know which groups will be passing simulations to the atom feed, so the qc team can prioritise the qc.

Extra questions as additional pages is the right way to go. Issue of timing.

Need to have a meeting before IPCC meeting, so early May.

Number of chapters in review - will come back in Feb. Will give us an indication of when we have to add new questions.

MRI haven't started with the questionnaire. They have data in the data nodes. They're in contact with Charlotte.

- CIM 2.0 roadmap (Bryan et al.)

Governance committee stuff with Bryan.

Governance committee will handle both CIM and CV.

We don't know how the CVs will be served yet.

Group at NOAA interested in developing some of the existing CV - esp. statistical downscaling.

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)

  • implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Discussed under review of previous actions

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

CIM portal - rc1 - release imminent.

CIM portal - rc1 changes - css and repository search page: types of document has been extended to grids and platforms (~7 different tabs)

No dedicated viewer for grids and platforms, so link to xml document. This will change in next version.

Can filter by document type, facet, keyword. Added to this "document version" "all2 or "latest"

Search api has been refactored to support drs name search.

Repository api has been extended to support JSON & BASE64 encodings.

Need an api that you can pass in institute name/experiment name/etc and get back a list of documents. This api will support this along with different instances of CIM encodings. One is JSON...

ESM metadata group will have telcos every other Wed. Code demo during the telco. These telcos are announced on the mailing list. Ok for them to use the Metafor telco numbers. Setting up project management infrastructure and a roadmap.

Name of group to be changed to ESDOC-Models.

Telco upon 3D visualisation of CIM metadata to be held soon.

CIM meta-programming utility is being used to generate CIM types and decoders in potentially any prgramming language. Essential for supporting multiple encodings and multiple development platforms.

- ESG news (Sylvia)

- Dissemination news (Sarah)

-GMD special issue papers.

Nothing to report.

- Misc