Eric, Sylvia, Charlotte, Gerry, Mark M, Hans, Alan, Mark E

Charlotte: ticket 326 done atmosphere

next telco January th.

Questionnaire News

There is a many to one mapping of simulations to Experiment in the questionnaire But the curator interface expects one to one mapping of Experiment to data. Curator is to continue to use simulation as the mapping entity to data in the CMIP5 archive.

Questionnaire Progress

Sebastien has completed the model description. MPI have a number of model descriptions CNRM also Itally too Russia and Japan have model descriptions also

Need go ahead from the users before we can publish interim records from the questionnaire

  1. Validation Software - who is in charge of the validation code how do we access support from people who are no longer on the project.


CIM and CV Committee members agreed - waiting for confirmation from Karl


Replicate of the current questionnaire with don't know option We have a new url for deployment but need time set asside to do the deployment. Sebastien to test how the don't know feature works in practice.

Tools and Services New version of teh CIM portal has been released Mind map validation not working in the current version Need to set up automated ingest for a re-ingest from the questionnaire.


closing lose ends for metadata federated across the collaborations have created a table of known bugs and status of metadata across the federation documetns sent to the go-essptech list

Some politics of the future of the gateway discussed Also issues associated with replication across the esg federation.