Telco 141 1st November 2011

Attending: Sarah, Eric, Allyn, Gerry, Charlotte, Cecelia, Hans
Apologies: Sylvia, Mark M, Bryan

Next telco: Tues 6 December

New Actions

  1. Sarah - complete Metafor final report
  2. Mark M, Gerry, Allyn, Sylvia, Luca, Hans, Sebastien - come up with a list of potential developments and the effort involved to discuss at telco for PIs to determine priorities.
  3. Eric - let Gerry know when to set up a doodle poll for telco for potential US-EU work
  4. Sarah - Put public deliverable documents on the wiki

Previous Actions

  1. Gerry - put replies from questionnaire "how's it going" email on wiki page - ongoing
  2. Sebastien, Hans, Mark - write specification for tracking id resolution service - ongoing
  3. Gerry - email Paco and Sebastien when the ensemble questionnaire is deployed - ongoing
  4. Gerry - give demo of the Ensembles questionnaire via dfn at telco next week - ongoing
  5. Charlotte - definitions for new properties from questionnaire scrub - ongoing - ticket 326

Completed actions

  1. Gerry - talk to Bryan about WP2 presentation at Brussels review - done
  2. Eric - email Bryan about CIM governance presentation and CIM integrated services - done
  3. Sarah - revise and send out new draft review agenda - done
  4. Gerry and Mark M - organise rehearsal of Brussles demo - done
  5. Sebastien - write a clear roadmap for deploying the ENSEMBLES questionnaire to show the reviewers - done
  6. Gerry, Mark, Charlotte - provide Eric with a http link to a CIM document in the wild to add to the BAMS paper with some way of showing how it's used - done
  7. Sarah - rewrite top level paragraphs on front wiki page to give higher level overview of project and put more information from the joomla site into the wiki - done
  8. Eric - organise an article in BAMS laying out the strategy, including governance plans - done


  1. Sarah will send out a reminder for each telco a couple of days before.


- Final review

All went well, reviewers were very happy.

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Questionnaire redeployed yesterday. Added publications table (people are using it now and find it helpful) For each simulation in table, link to data view in Curator. Can add extra functionality to link it to Metafor portal. Want to extend it to general statistics as this would also be helpful.

Restructured front page to lay things out more clearly.

Changes made to atom feed structure to add extra information, notably the drf string and the centre. Easier to link between questionnaire information and qc tool information.

Hans and Kirstin going through simulations and testing stuff we've not gone through yet, and list of bugs - very helpful!

- CIM 2.0 (Bryan et al.)

Nothing to report.

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)

- implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Gerry in process of deploying Ensembles questionnaire now. Deployed at at BADC with

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

  1. CIM Portal version 1.0b2 ready for release - hopefully Andrew Harwood will find time this week.
  2. Embedded CIM viewer interest shown by ESGF Metadata group and IS-ENES portal.
  3. ESGF Metadata group telco last Thursday - agreed to continue refactoring CIM services with view to integrating them into ESG datanodes.

- Working procedures for collaborative development between Metafor and US groups working on CIM Portals and Curator Trackbacks

There is a desire to work together to set priorities etc, but we need to think about guidelines, who'd lead etc.

Formally, it can be diffucult to put something in place outside established project. We can produce a memorandum of understanding about how to work together, but not much else.

Practically, need a place to collaborate, track tickets etc.

Need to figure out who's paying for stuff, who to report to, what priorities are etc.

Who's paying for it is clear on Curator side.

  1. Priorities
  2. Working day to day
  3. What would people be doing - Sylvia and Luca put together initial list of what US would be interested in contributing to Metafor portal. Who to run these by? CIM governance committee.

In EU - 4 entities involved: BADC, DKRZ, IS-ENES, IPSL. Need to discuss with them.

Priorities setting - need a dedicated telco with some preparation.

Need to balance between working together and diversity of approaches.

Call with Karl and Ron was very useful for getting priorities from users of metadata. Good to get priorities from high level customers.

Should include Karl, Ron, Mark Elkington in the PIs priority setting telco.

Good to review priorities that got collected last month, avoid starting from scratch.

- ESG news (Sylvia)

Nothing to report

- Dissemination news (Sarah)

BAMS paper was submitted.

ACM paper are now published online at the ACM Digital Library! Intl. symposium: - click on the “Table of Contents”

- Misc

Deliverables that report on finances etc shouldn't be on line. Most other deliverables can be, though we have to check that they're actually public.

- Frequency of telcos

Don't have resources to hold telcos every week. Development groups can have telcos as needed, funding still in place for this.

Suggest first Tuesday of the month for regular telcos. Specific issues can be discussed at telcos on demand, organised by doodle poll.

Can revisit this later on, depending how the monthly frequency works out.

- IS-ENES 2 proposal

Working hard on this.

Wanting to get US involved without the admin involved in making them full partner.