Telco 140 11th October 2011

Attending: Sarah, Eric, Gerry, Mark M, Hans, Sebastien, Charlotte
Apologies: Sylvia

Next telco:
Tues 25th October

New Actions

  1. Gerry - talk to Bryan about WP2 presentation at Brussels review
  2. Eric - email Bryan about CIM governance presentation and CIM integrated services
  3. Sarah - revise and send out new draft review agenda
  4. Gerry and Mark M - organise rehearsal of Brussles demo
  5. Sebastien - write a clear roadmap for deploying the ENSEMBLES questionnaire to show the reviewers.
  6. Gerry - put replies from questionnaire "how's it going" email on wiki page.
  7. Sebastien, Hans, Mark - write specification for tracking id resolution service.

Previous Actions

  1. Gerry, Mark, Charlotte - provide Eric with a http link to a CIM document in the wild to add to the BAMS paper with some way of showing how it's used - ongoing
  2. Sarah - rewrite top level paragraphs on front wiki page to give higher level overview of project and put more information from the joomla site into the wiki - ongoing - will be done this week
  3. Gerry - email Paco and Sebastien when the ensemble questionnaire is deployed - ongoing
  4. Gerry - give demo of the Ensembles questionnaire via dfn at telco next week - ongoing
  5. Charlotte - definitions for new properties from questionnaire scrub - ongoing

Actions from year 3 meeting

  1. Eric - organise an article in BAMS laying out the strategy, including governance plans - ongoing (same authorship as for CLIVAR newsletter)

Upcoming deliverables
D1.5 MGT and annual reporting WP1 UREAD R RE M 42 September 2011 - Sarah and Eric - ONGOING - nearly there
D2.7 Controlled Vocabularies WP2 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Gerry and Charlotte - DONE
D3.3 Integration of CIM into ENSEMBLES downscaling portal WP3 UCANT P PP M42 September 2011 - Sebastien - DONE
D1.4 Final STAB report WP1 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Sarah, Eric and the STAB - DONE
D2.6 Governance Plans Report WP2 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Bryan - DONE
D3.4 End-User Testing Report WP3 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Sebastien - DONE
D4.5 Service Report and Revised Infrastructure WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - DONE
D4.6 Report on CMIP5 support WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Charlotte and Gerry - DONE
D4.7 CIM processes (CONCIM, tools and services) documentation for IS-ENES WP4 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - DONE

Management report:
WP1 - Eric/Sarah? - done
WP2 - Gerry - done
WP3 - Sebastien - done
WP4 - Mark M - done
WP5 - done
WP6 - Hans - done
WP7 - Sarah - done

Completed actions

  1. Sarah - email Nicola at Reading for justification of resources table - done
  2. Gerry and Sylvia - sort out prep for demo at review meeting - done.
  3. Gerry - provide excel table of AR5 table 1 this week, and draft of table 2 next week - done.
  4. Sarah - send Mark M final list of publications for the portal - done
  5. Mark M - write a document covering what we'll be deploying for the portal - done
  6. Allyn - look at unrestricted search issue with component tree not nesting properly - done


  1. Sechedule a run through of the review this week


- Work status and plan for delivering all deliverables by end of September

All done and sent to the reviewers - thanks very much to all!

- EU review meeting run through and agenda

Working on the agenda. Want to have the demo as late as possible so Sylvia can join. Bryan can only make it after 12. Need to finish by 3.15.

Introduction and CIM governance(Eric)
Dissemination (Sarah)
CIM 2.0 development (Gerry)
WP3 (Sebastien/Antonio?)
CIM component services (Mark)
CIM integrated services (Bryan)

  1. CMIP5 Questionnaire Gerry
  2. CIM Portal Mark
  3. CIM web services Mark
  4. ESG Curator Gerry/Sylvia?
  5. UoC Integration Antonio/Mark?


- discussion and demo of CIM Viewer - Lite. This is a new CIM viewer for direct embedding in 3rd party portals.

UCANT wanted to have CIM info viewable directly in their portal, so they needed an embedded portal. Large demand for this.

Test page gives a CIM model viewer. 3 triggers - something that triggers displaying the viewer, a control box, inline text or an icon. Click on these and the viewer comes up. Triggers are generic.

Set up some options on viewer to give options on how the viewer displays the data, e.g. tabs/in-line/sections/changed dialogue width. Another option to appear as a dialogue or injected directly into the page.

Viewer is fed from test data from JSON representation (geared to websites)

Source code - no html related to the viewer when you first load the page - all injected dynamically. 3rd party portal doesn't have to change their html, just add the triggers. Viewer will dynamically go out to the Metafor portal to pull requested information in. Needs a mapper to convert from CIM xml to JSON format.

Breadcrumb trail or tree to navigate around the viewer.

Could we generate a mind map of a specific CIM document? Better visualisation, and more compact than an accordian.

Quite a lot of work - but could write a translator to reverse engineer back to the mind map xml.

NCAS CMS website have pages for the HadGEM2ES model - want to have a view of the metadata on the same pages. This viewer-lite is ideal to add to these pages.

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Second telco for AR5 tables today at 4pm. Most of the models table in place.

Telco arranged with Gerry, Hans and Kirstin to go through their metadata issues and the issue of the bindings.

Published documents table - set up so that url maps directly from table in questionnaire to document in Curator portal.

Groups getting occasional internal error page.

Lots of replies to "how's it going" email.

1 reply regarding bindings - they don't use files for their bindings, data to be used for a binding is hard coded into the code itself, so how do they document it? Add a note to the questionnaire to say that if users get stuck to leave a note and continue.

- CIM 2.0 news (Bryan et al.)

Nothing to report.

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien) - implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Nothing new since last week. Week was dedicated to finishing missing deliverables and discussing demo.

No hurry to deploy ENSEMBLES questionnaire at the moment.

Need to have a clear roadmap to show the reviewers.

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

Portal deployment document sent to Andrew Harwood.

Beta 2 version of the portal will be deployed soon.

Using service to redirect to the correct location for the portal. Could use these urls in the BAMS paper.

Viewer-lite will make it very simple to integrate CIM documents in other portals.

Service for finding CIM documents by searching on unique identifier from netCDF file? Resolution service to join the two - not been implemented, but fairly simple to do.

ESG trackback should have something like this?

Tracking id could be the link between the user and the history for a given file. Tracking id in CIM data object will allow us to make the link between the CIM documents and the data.

DRS syntax provides links to other models.

Tracking id goes directly into the document id in the data object.

Could write specification for this after EU review

- Dissemination news (Sarah)

Aside from BAMS paper, nothing to report.

- Misc