Telco 139 - 4th Oct 2011

Attending: Sarah, Sylvia, Gerry, Hans, Eric, Charlotte, Mark M, Cecelia, Sebastien
Next telco:
Tues 11th October

New Actions

  1. Sarah - email Nicola at Reading for justification of resources table.
  2. Gerry and Sylvia - sort out prep for demo at review meeting.
  3. Gerry - provide excel table of AR5 table 1 this week, and draft of table 2 next week.
  4. Sarah - send Mark M final list of publications for the portal - done

Previous Actions

  1. Gerry, Mark, Charlotte - provide Eric with a link to a CIM document in the wild to add to the BAMS paper with some way of showing how it's used - ongoing
  2. Mark M - write a document covering what we'll be deploying for the portal - ongoing
  3. Allyn - look at unrestricted search issue with component tree not nesting properly - ongoing
  4. Sarah - rewrite top level paragraphs on front wiki page to give higher level overview of project and put more information from the joomla site into the wiki - ongoing
  5. Gerry - email Paco and Sebastien when the ensemble questionnaire is deployed - partly deployed last week but still ongoing
  6. Gerry - give demo of the Ensembles questionnaire via dfn at telco next week - ongoing
  7. Charlotte - definitions for new properties from questionnaire scrub - ongoing

Actions from year 3 meeting

  1. Eric - organise an article in BAMS laying out the strategy, including governance plans - ongoing - finalising and will send tomorrow

Upcoming deliverables
D1.5 MGT and annual reporting WP1 UREAD R RE M 42 September 2011 - Sarah and Eric - ONGOING - nearly there
D2.7 Controlled Vocabularies WP2 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Gerry and Charlotte - DRAFT - nearly there
D3.3 Integration of CIM into ENSEMBLES downscaling portal WP3 UCANT P PP M42 September 2011 - Sebastien - MISSING - telco this morning. Should be finished today
D1.4 Final STAB report WP1 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Sarah, Eric and the STAB - DONE pending merging slides from y1,2,3 meetings
D2.6 Governance Plans Report WP2 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Bryan - DRAFT - put in right format
D3.4 End-User Testing Report WP3 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Sebastien - DONE
D4.5 Service Report and Revised Infrastructure WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - DONE
D4.6 Report on CMIP5 support WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Charlotte and Gerry - DRAFT
D4.7 CIM processes (CONCIM, tools and services) documentation for IS-ENES WP4 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - DONE

Management report:
WP1 - Eric/Sarah? - done
WP2 - Gerry - started
WP3 - Sebastien - done
WP4 - Mark M - done
WP5 - missing but WP5 finished in M36 - write a line to explain this in the report
WP6 - Hans - done
WP7 - Sarah - done

Completed actions

  1. Antonio - confirm if he can get to the Brussels review asap (this week) - done
  2. Sarah and Eric - draft agenda for Brussels review - done
  3. Sarah - remind relevent people about text for newsletter - done
  4. Eric - send an email to the STAB about their report deliverable -done
  5. Gerry and Eric - send a reminder email to the modelling groups about the email questionnaire - done
  6. Gerry - fix it so that users can't bypass the bindings in the questionnaire - dropped
  7. Sarah - draft text for Metafor bit of IS-ENES newsletter - done
  8. Mark M, Hans, Gerry, Bryan - work together to write the technical and scientific section of the final report for WP4,5,6 - done
  9. Sebastien - send plan for D3.4 to list for contributions - done
  10. Charlotte - email the list with the PIMMS information - dropped


  1. Put this published documents table in both places (front page and modelling centre pages), tidy it up, demo it again and let everyone decide where to keep it.

- Work status and plan for delivering all deliverables by end of September
Missing justification of resources tables for UREAD, STFC and Manchester. Missing text for WP5 - not needed.

Governance committe hopefully in place by review meeting.

Worthwhile setting up a debriefing session to go through all software etc that's been developed to spread knowledge around. Will do this in the context of IS-ENES.

Don't know yet if reviewers have signed the contact and if we can send the deliverables to them. In the first case, send them to the official deliverables address.

- 10 minute demo on the refactored conformance/experiment tabs in ESG (Sylvia)

Merged experiment and conformance tabs. Under the accordian "experimental requirements and conformances". Lists what user actually did.

Haven't dealt with historical misc experiment yet - but will do.

Tabs reordered. These changes will be updated sometime this month.

Outputs tab has data associated with the simulation in the ESG tab. Created a display for when the model metadata comes in before the data. Added text to indicate when there's no data yet in the outputs tab.

Trackback is operational on NCAR gateway and BADC.

Sylvia on holiday all of next week.

Sylvia's demo no earlier than 2pm Brussels time. Keep the demo to the last thing, switch with WP7 presentation.

COG environment for project hosting - might want to put a blurb up there.

Wiki and trac are still working and we'll keep them as is. We don't need to continue the joomla site. New standards committee and - committee will take ownership of this to publicise the work on the CIM to the community.

USA needs a site with a bit about Metafor, pointers to the schema. We're in the process of enhancing the Trac to include all that information.

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)
- questionnaire demo by Gerry

Once users publish thier data they seem to lose the control over their data.

Now once you go into the centre main page, added a new table which gives the user and overview of the data they've exported and is in the atom feed. Works off a data table plug-in. Dynamic table gives more information about what they've had previously. Working off ajax calls. Can order by different features - presentation things to be cleaned up.

Allows users to get redirected to the CIM portal or to ESG to view that particular document. Any documents for Curator use the same URL across the board.

View icons will say where they go. Have to add note about there being a delay time between publishing a model and having it ingested into the portals.

Could take this to the front page of the questionnaire to show the list of the 10 most recent documents? Or to list what has been published across all the centres.

AR5 support:

Interim metadata wanted for IPCC reports. We can generate this information automatically from the questionnaire. Added new button "generate tables" to produce 3 different tables.

Table 1 - for each of the models in the database (complete or not) it will harvest as much information as it can. Headings as was requested by Florian.

Need to explore if we need to ask the modelling groups anything else.

Coupling is done via the bindings. Don't really have a way of extracting coupling information out of the bindings - might have to ask the modelling groups again.

Need a discussion with chapter 9 about what the metadata can provide that's relevent.

We don't explicitly ask for the flux correction methods. Got moved into the bindings. Need to look at Met Office example and figure out what pieces this information needs to be extracted from.

Table is being made available up front where everyone can see it, encouraging users to fill in empty boxes. Adding in links from the boxes to the right part of the questionnaire to fill that information in.

Experiment description table and forcings table to be done. Table 2 shouldn't take long - aim to get it in skeleton form this week. Forcing table (3) next week.

Ensembles questionnaire is higher priority.

AR5 tables will be deployed in a few weeks. Published document table update could be deployed this week, depending on linking out to ESG.

- CIM 2.0 roadmap (Bryan et al.)

  • WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)
    • implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Continuing interaction with Antonio to plan for review.

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

3 models, 35 simulations, 14 experiments, 150+ data in database in Mark's sandbox for Brussels review demo.

Viewer for experiments outstanding.

Search engine is working. Viewer in standalone mode is fine. Validation is having problems - chasing Paul Slavin. Need to have mind maps to validate for review.

Most of the portal is ready in terms of functionality.

UCANT statistical downscaling portal will have links attached to various points in their user interface which will call out to the Metafor portal and pull back information to display to the users.

Having deployment issues at BADC due to hacking. Telco happened last week. Test deployment next week, operational deployment week after. Timing will block UCANT's linking.

Proof of concept - page which gives lists of models which are fully ingested from CMIP5 questionnaire (mapping CMIP3 to CMIP5 models) and displays some bits of information about them.

End of today/tomorrow - will have kind of functionality that UCANT want to have, and view of model will look as much like the viewer as possible. Can refactor proxy when they get something deployed.

Pipeline to UCANT is getting there!

- ESG news (Sylvia)

  • Dissemination news (Sarah)

GMD telco happened on Friday afternoon. Steve Easterbrook writing call for papers for this special issue - should be sent out soon. IEEE special issue papers should go into this GMD special issue.

- Misc