Telco 138 - 27th September 2011

Attending: Sarah, Allyn, Sebastien, Mark M, Eric, Antonio, Gerry, Hans
Apologies: Sylvia, Cecelia, Charlotte, Bryan

Next telco:
Tues 4th October (including ESG demo of the refactored conformance/experiment tabs)

New Actions

  1. Antonio - confirm if he can get to the Brussels review asap (this week)
  2. Sarah and Eric - draft agenda for Brussels review
  3. Gerry, Mark, Charlotte - provide Eric with a link to a CIM document to add to the BAMS paper with some way of showing how it's used, before the next telco.
  4. Sarah - remind relevent people about text for newsletter
  5. Eric - send an email to the STAB about their report deliverable.
  6. Mark M - write a document covering what we'll be deploying for the portal.
  7. Allyn - look at unrestricted search issue with component tree not nesting properly.
  8. Sarah - rewrite top level paragraphs on front wiki page to give higher level overview of project and put more information from the joomla site into the wiki

Previous Actions

  1. Gerry and Eric - send a reminder email to the modelling groups about the email questionnaire - ongoing
  2. Gerry - fix it so that users can't bypass the bindings in the questionnaire - ongoing
  3. Gerry - email Paco and Sebastien when the ensemble questionnaire is deployed - partly deployed last week but still ongoing
  4. Gerry - give demo of the Ensembles questionnaire via dfn at telco next week - ongoing
  5. Sarah - draft text for Metafor bit of IS-ENES newsletter - ongoing
  6. Mark M, Hans, Gerry, Bryan - work together to write the technical and scientific section of the final report for WP4,5,6 - ongoing
  7. Sebastien - send plan for D3.4 to list for contributions - ongoing.
  8. Charlotte - email the list with the PIMMS information - ongoing
  9. Charlotte - definitions for new properties from questionnaire scrub - ongoing.

Actions from year 3 meeting

  1. Eric - organise an article in BAMS laying out the strategy, including governance plans - ongoing - all comments by Mon 3rd - sending it on Tues 4th

Upcoming deliverables

D1.5 MGT and annual reporting WP1 UREAD R RE M 42 September 2011 - Sarah and Eric - collecting pieces
D2.7 Controlled Vocabularies WP2 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Gerry and Charlotte - first draft sent to list
D3.3 Integration of CIM into ENSEMBLES downscaling portal WP3 UCANT P PP M42 September 2011 - Sebastien - telco with Antonio on Monday, first draft will be sent shortly - prototype will be demoed at review, and need to show commitment to develop this further once Metafor is finished.
D1.4 Final STAB report WP1 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Sarah, Eric and the STAB - STAB reminded today
D2.6 Governance Plans Report WP2 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Bryan - governance document sent to the list for comment.
D3.4 End-User Testing Report WP3 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Sebastien
D4.5 Service Report and Revised Infrastructure WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - fleshing this out
D4.6 Report on CMIP5 support WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Charlotte and Gerry - first draft done now
D4.7 CIM processes (CONCIM, tools and services) documentation for IS-ENES WP4 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - fleshing this out

Management report:
WP1 - Eric
WP2 - Gerry - started
WP3 - Sebastien
WP4,5,6 - Mark M, Hans, Gerry, Bryan
WP7 - Sarah - started

Completed Actions

  1. Sebastien - confirm with Antonio that he can come to the review on the 18th Oct - done - Antonio can prepare the demo, but has to check if he can come to Brussels.
  2. Gerry, Mark M - decide who's going to be presenting the ESG demo and liaise with Sylvia to walk through the bits being presented - done - Gerry will give demo if Sylvia can't give demo remotely
  3. Everyone - review the draft of BAMS article - done
  4. Gerry - contact MPI about the missing bindings - set up a telco with Hans and Kirstin to go through what they've entered and address this issue - done
  5. Sebastien - send Mark M the mapping between the CMIP3 and CMIP5 names - done
  6. Mark M - send email to Andrew Harwood about telco for deployment - done and teco happened yesterday.
  7. Sarah - put telco minutes on wiki from now on - done


  1. Is there a way to migrate CIM v1.5 documents over to use v2.0 tools? If so, how/when should we do it?
  2. Need a discussion about the use and ownership of


  1. Deadline for sending deliverables to reviewers is 4th October
  2. Gerry - dfn session about IPCC tables next week
  3. will be taken over by governance committee. Portal won't be going live under that URL - this is ok.
  4. We'll continue having these telcos for the forseeable future.

- review of actions from previous telcos

BAMS article: suggested give examples of use of the CIM records. We can give links from the questionnaire page to the portal/ESG. Would need approval from people being linked to.

A new uuid is generated when you create a new questionnaire instance, and gets carried into the id of the CIM document. Could have a table of what's been published, what sort of document it is and a link to it in the viewer/portal.

- Work status and plan for delivering all deliverables by end of September

D3.4 - pieces are in place and there is a good scenario. Need the services to be working. Need CMIP5 questionnaire feeds and Ensembles data objects for the portal.

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Implementation of AR5 tables: tables to document metadata in the questionnaire that can go into the IPCC report. 1. model description table, 2. experiment description table, 3. implementation table (e.g. forcings)

Gerry will do a dfn session when all the tables are working.

Front page of questionnaire - can press a button to pull out this high-level information and put it in a table to send to the IPCC people.

Ironing out bugs.

- CIM 2.0 roadmap (Bryan et al.)

Telco on this planned for October 3rd.

New tools should be based on 2.0, but questionnaire and current tools are based on 1.5. Is there a way to migrate v1.5 documents over to use v2.0 tools?

IS-ENES 2 will have some funding to operate this translation. Time between now and start of IS-ENES 2 to work on the tool to do this migration, but will need funding. Not a top priority. ESGF umbrella might be good to continue development under.

A few US projects interested in using the CIM that might have money to spend on this work.

Will have to think carefully about this migration before we do it.

New groups interested in using the CIM - feeding requests and queries to Allyn. Who should he pass these on to? Governance body doesn't exist yet.

Standards committee for CIM being put together and will be proposed soon. Collect these requests on the wiki.

One change requested is the ability to describe climate projects at a much higher level than the CIM currently supports. New type of CIM document for a project that isn't a formal numerical experiement.

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)
- implementation of ENSEMBLES questionnaire

Base the EU demonstration on the integration with the CMIP3 data, which is part of the Ensembles database.

Data objects from CMIP3 database are available from the geonetwork atom feed. Need to be ingested by the Metafor services into the portal.

Developing a javascript library to query back end services.

Information about the model components will be in the UCANT portal, and info about the data object. Depends on the viewer. Variable names, unit names, temporal coverage, frequency.

Portal users are impact users, not modellers.

Very big thing to demonstrate at the review and for the community.

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

Deliverables ongoing.

UCANT integration - implemented a dedicated service URL for them to return the information they need. Javascript proxy library being written so that UCANT can execute a function and get the information back. Got mapping of CMIP3 to CMIP5 models and identified which models to target.

Need to get portal deployed now.

Telco yesterday to discuss about CIM portal deployments - up to now have had a development deployment, now need a test deployment.

Mark M writing a document covering what we'll be deploying - will send out tomorrow. Andrew Harwood will set up machines for code to be deployed to.

Portal is deployed now, but eXist database keeps going to sleep - making search and viewer stop working.

Hopefully will deploy in test mode on Mon/Tues? next week, allowing UCANT to do their work. Week of 10th, will redeploy in a production mode and can send out emails to community to say that it's now a live site.

Unrestricted search - issue with component tree not nesting properly. Could just return top level components.

- ESG news (Sylvia)

  • Dissemination news (Sarah) has been redirected to the Trac site. Sarah will be adding deliverables documents and other management info to the wiki over the next week or so. will be taken over by governance committee. Portal won't be going live under that URL - this is ok.

- Misc

Reminder about form C numbers - still need from Reading, BADC, CNRS, Manchester, NMA, MeteoF, UCANT

NCPP - working on serving downscaled data. Seen downscaling mindmaps and like them. Where are these mind maps being used? Not been used yet - still draft, so no mapping rules to map it to CIM instances. CERFACS are still working on it - not sure of status. Lots of plans to work on this in IS-ENES 2.

Standards committee will take ownership of all the controlled vocabularies on behalf of the community. Christian Piaget is a person to talk to about this, along with the Metafor group.

IS-ENES building an impact deomonstration portal - Christian Paiget is leading this WP.

We'll continue having these telcos for the forseeable future.