Attending: Sarah, Sylvia, Mark M, Gerry, Eric, Sebastien, Charlotte, Bryan, Cecelia

Apologies: Sophie
Next telco: Tues 27th September

New Actions

  1. Sebastien - confirm with Antonio that he can come to the review on the 18th Oct.
  2. Gerry, Mark M - decide who's going to be presenting the ESG demo and liaise with Sylvia to walk through the bits being presented.
  3. Gerry - send a reminder email to the modelling groups about the email questionnaire
  4. Everyone - review the draft of BAMS article
  5. Gerry - contact MPI about the missing bindings
  6. Gerry - fix it so that users can't bypass the bindings in the questionnaire.
  7. Gerry - email Paco and Sebastien when the ensemble questionnaire is deployed
  8. Gerry - give demo of the Ensembles questionnaire via dfn at telco next week.
  9. Sebastien - send Mark M the mapping between the CMIP3 and CMIP5 names.
  10. Mark M - send email to Andrew Harwood about telco for deployment.
  11. Sarah - put telco minutes on wiki from now on
  12. Sarah - draft text for Metafor bit of IS-ENES newsletter.

Previous Actions

  1. Mark M, Hans, Gerry, Bryan - work together to write the techical and scientific section of the final report for WP4,5,6 - ongoing
  2. Sebastien - send plan for D3.4 to list for contributions - ongoing.
  3. Charlotte - email the list with the PIMMS information - ongoing
  4. Charlotte - definitions for new properties from questionnaire scrub - ongoing.

Actions from year 3 meeting

  1. Eric - organise an article in BAMS laying out the strategy, including governance plans - ongoing - draft sent to the list today - deliberately kept very high level.

Upcoming deliverables

D1.5 MGT and annual reporting WP1 UREAD R RE M 42 September 2011 - Sarah and Eric
D2.7 Controlled Vocabularies WP2 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Gerry and Charlotte - first draft sent to list
D3.3 Integration of CIM into ENSEMBLES downscaling portal WP3 UCANT P PP M42 September 2011 - Sebastien
D1.4 Final STAB report WP1 UREAD R PU M42 September 2011 - Sarah, Eric and the STAB - STAB reminded
D2.6 Governance Plans Report WP2 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Bryan - governance document sent to the list for comment.
D3.4 End-User Testing Report WP3 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Sebastien
D4.5 Service Report and Revised Infrastructure WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - skeleton developed for this, filling it in.
D4.6 Report on CMIP5 support WP4 BADC R PU M42 September 2011 - Charlotte and Gerry - talked about it - will include stuff about the tables
D4.7 CIM processes (CONCIM, tools and services) documentation for IS-ENES WP4 CNRS R PU M42 September 2011 - Mark M - skeleton created

Management report:
WP1 - Eric
WP2 - Gerry
WP3 - Sebastien
WP4,5,6 - Mark M, Hans, Gerry, Bryan
WP7 - Sarah - started

Completed Actions

  1. Sarah - email Krystyna about what level of detail is expected in the final report - done - no response.
  2. Sarah - email reminder to STAB about their report - done - no response.
  3. Sebastien - organise a telco to discuss D3.3 with Antonio - done
  4. Charlotte and Gerry - analyse Tim's (and other IPPC) request about information in the questionnaire and how to extract it - done.
  5. Everyone - give feedback on CIM 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 on the mailing list - done
  6. Sebastien - send an email to the list about D3.3 - dropped as discussed in telco
  7. Gerry - prepare small email questionnaire asking group their own assessment of where they are at in filling up the CMIP5 Q (status of 8 realms for each model, simulation submitted, simulations still to be submitted) - done - some people have replied.


  1. Authors for BAMS article
  2. Integration of Metafor portal with ESGF portal


  1. Gerry should attend the review meeting on the 18th October, to present the deliverable about the CMIP5 questionnaire.
  2. List of people going to the review: Eric, Sarah, Bryan, Sebastien, Mark M, Gerry, Antonio.
  3. We'll show a live demo of ESG portal, with back-up screenshots. Sylvia will make sure that the portal is up on the 18th Oct.
  4. Metafor joomla site won't be brought back up - as we'd have to check every bit of the database for hostile code.
  5. We'll make a specific announcement about governance.

Metafor Joomla site was hacked last week - further information at:

Joomla site won't be brought back up - as we'd have to check every bit of the database for hostile code. Wiki and trac available.

- review of actions from previous telcos Sebastien - organise a telco to discuss D3.3 with Antonio - telco happened this morning - decided a plan for the review. Antonio will write the deliverable.

CIM object from CERA database from CMIP3 data.

Another telco tomorrow morning. Antonio happy to keep committing resources until ensemble questionnaire is finished.

Antonio will need to come to the final review ont he 18th Oct to run the downscaling portal in the sandbox.

Live demo of ESG portal, with back-up screenshots. Sylvia will make sure that the portal is up on the 18th Oct.

Telco woth Florian - now got information to expose the AR5 tables (simulation description, forcing description etc). Aiming for another telco this week.

Gerry - prepare small email questionnaire asking group their own assessment of where they are at in filling up the CMIP5 Q - some people have replied. When Metafor site is back on-line will create a wiki page for the responses.

- Work status and plan for delivering all deliverables by end of September

See above list of deliverables. Only have 10 days left before deadline!

- questionnaire news (Charlotte, Gerry)

Simulations are starting to come through atom feed. Some simulation documents coming from MPI - they sey up the model, created simulation that links to the model, haven't done the bindings. Alerted us that this can be done, though we don't want it to be done.

GFDL now got a good model description through to the feed.

Email sent out with screenshot of development version of the ensemble questionnaire. Set up environment to host ensembles questionnaire - now ready to deploy it - hopefully tomorrow.

5 major groups have now created their models in the questionnaire.

- CIM 2.0 roadmap (Bryan et al.)

ESGF metadata telco yesterday - interest expressed in having a dedicated CIM 2.0 telco.

Dominic currently looking at current CIM documents to see how they look in CIM 2.0

- WP3 CIM population and testing news (Sébastien)

Currently working on intergration of UCANT portal. First demo of integration will be Wed before the EU review.

- WP4/5/6 CIM tools and services news (Mark M et al.)

UCANT portal integration: need to extend existing web services to support this using CMIP3 rather than CMIP5 model names.

ESGF metadata telco - demo-ed CIM portal search. Thinking of integrating this into ESG data nodes to support search for model/simulation/experiment/etc metadata. Exploring installing an adaptor to call out to the Metafor portal to do the search, while allowing ESG users to think it was the ESG portal to do the search.

Interested in joint development with ESG - need to figure out how this can/should take place. Trying to schedule another call.

Unified platform is a strong objective. ESGF providing basis for data search - strong argument that it should also do metadata search (superseding Metafor portal). Discussing yesterday was exploring the feasibility of connecting the metadata search.

CIM portal more adaptable, so maybe should be merged into ESGF? Would be good to work on the interface. Shouldn't wait for IS-ENES 2 for this to happen.

Highlight at EU review - discuss ESGF as one area where CIM development may take place in the future.

Deployment - sent email to Andrew Harwood at BADC about arranging a telco about deployment.

- ESG news (Sylvia)

Middle of Curator sprint. Charlotte particpated in telco last Tues for prioritisation. Call went very well.

Starting to review downscaling mindmaps, so expect comments about them.

- Dissemination news (Sarah)

Newsletter due this month.

IS-ENES newsletter request. Write a bit of text about Metafor being finished but the work will carry on with various people/institutions, and a bit about the governance.

- IS-ENES 2 (Bryan)

Metafor stuff is being spread across multiple work packages. Hopeful that Metafor people will be leading tasks in work packages.

Won't be going below 138 man-months for Meta5.