This page is for planning issues associated with cross-work package dependencies within Metafor and inter-project software dependencies, with, for example, IS-ENES.

Live Deliverables

These are the deliverables we are currently concentrating on the relationships between

  • WP4: D4.1 Single-Sign-On-Evaluation (M12->M15 by agreement).
  • WP4: M4.1 Service Identification (M15)
  • WP4: M4.2 OAI Prototype (M18)
  • WP4: D4.2 OAI System Deployed (M24)
  • WP5: M5.2 Agree Features of the Query Interface (M15)
  • WP5: D5.1 Query Tool (M21)
  • WP5: M5.3 Difference Engine Requirements (M21)
  • WP5: D5.2 Difference Engine Implementation (M24)
  • WP5: D5.3 Presentation Tools (M24)
  • WP5: D5.4 Data Transformation Tools (M24)
  • WP6: D6.1 Automatic Capture Tools (M18)
  • WP6: M6.3 Prototype Human GUI (M18)
  • WP6: D6.2 Revised Capture Tools (M24)

Current Actions


  1. create this page (bryan)
  2. We need an interim chat about the issue of how to create CIM information from data (following Hans' recent work). This needs to be scheduled asap. (Basically to share the experience of generating XML from vast quantities of NetCDF, and the importance of CSML1 and NCML2, and to understand the impact of ESG publisher).
  3. We need two further specific meetings, to be scheduled after the 13th of July telco:
    1. WP4 and WP6 detailed discussion about implementation specifics.
    2. A detailed discussion of the initial version of this page


Basic Architecture

The Original Architecture Vision

(Note that data services are out of scope for Metafor per se, but absolutely in scope for IS-ENES).

Deliverable Descriptions

See the attached discussion documents:

  1. An initial version (v0.2) of documents we can expand upon to layout the component & deliverable relationships and architectural details appears here (odt Download,pdf Download).
  2. This document has been transferred to the wiki to allow for collaborative development ( ServicesPlanningDocument)