Amendment 3: Metafor project extension

The intention behind Amendment 3 is to extend the Metafor project for an extra 6 months (at no extra cost).

Justification for amendment

1) Put governance in place, as proposed at M36 in deliverable D2.6:

  • technical developments for AppCIM generation (fullmoon?) and other CIM processes and tools for easy maintenance and governance
  • establishment of governance structure and committee (CONCIM, CV, ...)

2) CMIP5 metadata support

3) Handover to IS-ENES

Modifications to the DoW

New deliverables:

  • D2.7 Controlled vocabularies.
  • D 4.6: Report on CMIP5 support
  • D 4.7: CIM processes (CONCIM, tools and services) documentation for IS-ENES
  • D7.2 M39 Detailed dissemination plan
  • D7.3 M39 EC dissemination material

Postponed deliverables:

  • D4.3 Portal Deployed WP4 postponed to December 2010 - M33
  • D4.4 Help Desk Deployed postponed to December 2010 - M33
  • D3.1 Service Testing CIM Metadata in system postponed to November 2010 - M33
  • D3.2 Revised Metadata delivered into system postponed to end of June 2011 - M38
  • D3.3 End-User testing report postponed to September2011 - M42
  • D1.4 (STAB report) postponed to September2011 - M42
  • D2.6 Governance Plan Report postponed to September2011 - M42
  • D4.5 Service report and Revised Infrastructure postponed to September2011 - M42
  • D2.6 Governance Plans Report ostponed to September 2011 - M42

We may have to add a final report at M42 as well but we first need to check with Krystyna if M36 and M42 reports can be the same.

WP5, WP6 - no change to deliverables