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The 'disk 1 presentation' and 'disk 2 presentation' open up a new window which contains a 'play presentation' button. If you click on it it opens yet another window where you will see the presentation. The video files are also attached to the page separately.

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Publication list

  • “Metafor: managing metadata for climate models” Sarah Callaghan, Reinhard Budich, Gerry Devine, Eric Guilyardi, Bryan Lawrence and Sophie Valcke, Zero-In magazine, Issue 3: Successful case studies of eScience/eResearch projects in Europe and globally
  • METAFOR was featured as an article in the October 2010 edition of International Innovation (
  • The Metafor CMIP5 questionnaire was also featured in the March 2011 Using NERC Science newsletter ( .
  • Eric Guilyardi, V. Balaji, Sarah Callaghan, Cecelia DeLuca?, Gerry Devine, Sébastien Denvil, Rupert Ford, Charlotte Pascoe, Michael Lautenschlager, Bryan Lawrence, Lois Steenman-Clark, Sophie Valcke, “The CMIP5 model and simulation documentation: a new standard for climate modelling metadata”. CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue No. 56, Vol. 16, No.2, May 2011 (
  • Callaghan et al “The METAFOR project: preserving data through metadata standards for climate models and simulations”
    • accepted as part of the International Conference Proceedings Series published by ACM for the event of 1st International Digital Preservation Interoperability Framework (DPIF) Symposium. ISBN: 978-1-4503-0110-7.
  • A contribution of approximately 10 pages to Earth System Modelling Volume 2, Recent Developments and Projects, Springer

Papers which will be submitted to a special issue of Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) for CMIP5 software infrastructure

  • Lawrence et al, “Describing Earth System Simulations”
  • Moine et al, “Development and Exploitation of a Controlled Vocabulary in support of Climate Modelling”

In production:

  • BAMS Nowcast article
    • “Making climate model metadata accessible to the wider research community: the METAFOR project and the CMIP5 questionnaire”