Controlled Vocabulary for ESM components

  1. Introduction

METAFOR is developing the CMIP5 questionnaire to collect model and experiment metadata. For this, "controlled vocabulary" (CV) is required to allow automated tools to search, differenciate, etc.. model description. This will be a significant improvement from the  CMIP3 model description which was too short to make sense of most of the data and mostly free-text based. The community of modellers is now being interviewed to help us use the best CV for the CMIP5 questionnaire (to be ready July 1st 2009).

Below is the current status of this controlled vocabulary, to be used in describing the Earth System Models used in CMIP5. Click on link to access a flash version of the original mind map (see below for access). Click on the entries of the flash mind maps to open subsequent nodes.

  • Climate System (top level)
  • Atmosphere
  • Ocean
  • Sea ice
  • Land surface
  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Land ice
  • Ocean biogeochemistry
  • River routing
  1. More information on goals and rules:

Here are the background questions for scientists being interviewed, giving the context:

  1. Could you give us a structured description (both scientific and numerical) of your model (general understanding perspective)?
  2. Among all the information you gave, which elements are relevant in a CMIP5 perspective?
  3. Which pieces of the retained information have to be standardised (for intercomparison purpose for e.g.)?
  4. Do you think the structure of the description made is reusable to describe other models of the same ESM component (i.e. sufficiently generic)?

Here are the rules for writing/reading the mind maps :

A set of icons has been adopted to represent the logic of the information. These keys are described on the left-part of freemind documents under the rubric “keys to read the mindmap”. They are listed again below:

  • Green check marks = OR (allow multiple entries)
  • Red crosses = XOR (allow only single entry)
  • Yellow stars = AND (impose all entries)

A color/format encoding has been used for Software (only for reading easiness):

  • Blue : CV common to all components of the Software package
  • Grey : CV belonging to another package (Activity, Grid, …)
  • Bold (whatever the color) squared: a component or sub-component
  • Purple squared: an element of intermediate complexity to describe (for e.g. a parametrisation scheme used by a sub-component, a method describing in more details the parametrisation,…)
  • Brown squared: an element of CV expecting a value
  • Black underlined: possible choices for valorisation
  1. Related Metafor trac tickets:
  • Schedule for interviews with scientist to capture controlled vocabulary using mind maps
  • Governance of mind maps for controlled vocabulary
  • the original mind maps can be accessed on the metafor trac

METAFOR contact persons:

Marie-Pierre Moine (moine < AT> Eric Guilyardi (Eric.Guilyardi < AT>