Beta4 is running at  (CLP 8/3/2010)

Unfortunately the beta2 questionnaire is still down

but beta1 is still operational

We are aiming for a first release of the questionnaire on March 26th 2010.

We currently have 105 tickets on the milestone 1.0 release !!!!!! 40 of those are at critical or above.

Bryan has 42 of those, but only 15 are critical or above. Many of those will disappear in the final deployment itself.

Can those who have tickets on the 1.0 release (see the report at, please go through them and decide whether they really are tickets on the questoinnaire release, and if so, whether the priorities are correct.

(I think we can launch with no blockers, and preferably with no criticals).

If you think you are waiting for something in the questionnaire, can you please check it appears. If it isn't in that list, it wont get done!!!!! Come prepared to argue about priority. Lower priority tickets will get bumped to a later release.