Open letter to our users

Welcome to the information pages about the CMIP5 questionnaire.
The questionnaire will provide vital information to help us understand why different models respond in unique ways to the forcings defined by the CMIP5 experiment matrix.

Instructions for Access to the CMIP5 Questionnaire

We have restricted access to the CMIP5 questionnaire. The Test and Example centres are freely accessible but only those users who have an OpenID issued by an ESG Federation OpenID provider can request access to individual modelling centre pages. The registration and authorisation procedure is listed below:

  1. Get an OpenID If you do not have an ESG Federation OpenID you can obtain one by registering with the BADC.
    To do this visit and follow the "Register as a new user" button.
  1. Request access to a modelling centre Email cmip5qhelp at to request access to a modelling centre. Please state your name, OpenID URL, and the modelling centre you want to access. We will then confirm your request with the contact at your modelling centre.
  1. cmip5q mailing list Please join the  cmip5q mailing list. The cmip5q mailing list will be used to send messages from the cmip5q team to our users. You can also use the mailing list to share day to day questionnaire queries at cmip5q at Alternatively you can raise queries directly with the support team at cmip5qhelp at

If you wish to change to a new OpenID, for example if you've had an OpenID with the BADC but now you wish to use an OpenID from your home ESG site, you will need to re-apply for access with the new OpenID URL (step 2).

Test and Example Centres

We have created a Test centre so that you can play about with the questionnaire before entering information for real in your own modelling centre. The Test centre will be cleared when we make updates to the questionnaire. The Example centre will contain an example of elements of the questionnaire (kindly provided by the UK Met Office). It's always easier to do something when you've seen how someone else did it but... do not edit the example centre!

User Help

A  Mailing List has been set up for users to post queries about the questionnaire
The Questionnaire Support Team can be contacted on our dedicated email: cmip5qhelp at
A  Road Map presentation to guide you through the questionnaire is available as  powerpoint and  pdf documents.
A  CMIP5 Questionnaire FAQ is also available on the  metafor forum pages


We will use the email query service cmip5qhelp at to follow up issues raised by our users. Please provide a link to the relevant questionnaire page for each issue you raise. Key Words We will assign one of the following key words to each query:

  • bug - something that breaks
  • usability - functionality could be better
  • unclear - extra explanatory text is required
  • vocabulary - comments about the content of drop down lists
  • question - you have a question about something
  • other

The collection of reports from our beta testers can be found on this  Wiki Page


Firefox 3.# is most compatible with the questionnaire. We have tested the questionnaire on various browsers and operating systems and found that Safari and Google Chrome also work well but access via Internet Explorer is not supported. The  Reporting Survey will ask you to tell us what browser and operating system configuration you used to access the questionnaire, we will use your information to update our list of compatible browsers.

Browsers that Work

BrowserVersionOperating System
Firefox3.6.3Microsoft Vista
Firefox3.5.9Ubuntu 9.10
Safari4Microsoft Vista
Safari5Microsoft Vista
Konqueror3.5.7KDE 3.5.7 openSUSE 10.3
Google Chrome5.0.375.70Microsoft Vista
Google Chrome5.0.375.99Mac

Web browsers that don't work

BrowserVersionOperating System why
Internet Explorer8.0.6001Microsoft Vistadoes not show leaf components
Internet Explorer7.0.6001Windows Server 2003unable to display pages with leaf components
Firefox3.0LinuxChoose one or more of drop down lists do not appear
Firefox2.0.0.12KDE 3.5.7 openSUSE 10.3Choose one or more of drop down lists do not appear

Sharing Model Descriptions

We have disabled the facility to allow models to be copied between institutions. Nevertheless it is still possible to share xml and text output of your model descriptions with other institutions, more information on this on our  FAQ. We suggest that you send requests to see descriptions from other centres to the questionnaire support team cmip5qhelp at

Some things may still not work, such as…

CF standard name entry box scroll bars There are a few usability bugs that we know about such as some CF standard Names drop down lists extend off the side of a page so you can't get to the scroll bar (you can use the arrow keys to navigate these lists too)- we're still fixing these sorts of bugs. If you find them please tell us about them.

Grid hierarchies still need to be implemented The hierarchies for model grids have not yet been implemented so the questions about grids will appear un-wieldy. This means that we are relying on you, our beta testers, to make sensible choices. These hierarchy issues will also be fixed for the eventual release but if you find anything that doesn't look right please let us know.