Alpha 5 release of the CMIP5 questionnaire:

Take a look at the current version of the  CMIP5 questionnaire
This version is secured with ESG/Meta4/NDG security...
... you will need to use account meta4 with password meta4test to give you an openid uri login.

The rough sequence of events you need to go through to exercise this stuff is to
1) create a model
2) at the realm level within the model, create some input requirements (nb: at the moment stick to boundary conditions).
3) use the coupling button IF YOU WANT TO on the model to create some default coupling of files or internal components to those input requiremnts
4) create a platform
5) create and save a simulation
6) on that simulation, use the boundary condition button to resolve any inputs
7) use the conformance button to try and resolve the conformances.

Tell us about any issues and bugs by raising a ticket with the following settings...

ComponentCMIP5 Questionnaire
MilestoneRelease CMIP5 Questionnaire
Ticket TypeIssue or bug
PriorityAs you like
  • Reminder: You will lose anything you enter into this version!
  • Bryan reserves the right to change priority settings (after discussion).
  • If the questionnaire crashes please make a ticket that describes what you were doing when the questionnaire crashed and include a link to the page with the error information.
  • If the questionnaire display goes wrong, make a ticket that includes screen shots of the problem. Please also state which browser (and version) you were using and also state the operating system you were using.

More about the alpha 4 release

Bryan Lawrence wrote:

There are a lot of minor changes, but one major change: the entire coupling cycle is now in there, but be warned ... it's complicated, and most of the words need changing. We know we'll need to give pretty good guidance on this stuff (both written and oral).

Note that

  • the conformance page is more complicated than it needs to be. I will simplify that.
  • no "get_data" requirements are propagating from mind-maps through xml into the questionnaire. I'll fix that.
  • there is much yet to do.
  • the next release will have CIM format xml export for at least the model documents (Rupert has put most of the pieces in place).

Note also that I have not attempted to look at most of the current tickets since the underlying functionality has been changing so much.

I suspect we may have another alpha before a beta release (the distinction being that beta releases can be let lose on folks who don't use "metafor" lingo). I had planned on throwing the security in in the step to beta, but I suspect that might be a bit too brave ... we might do a security alpha first.

As always: understand that any data you enter into the current version of the questionnaire could be blown away without warning :-). It's only for playing with at the moment!

Cheers Bryan